Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm In A Better Place & I Owe It All To HIM

I just want to thank God again. I can never thank him enough. A lot of my readers know that this year has been one rocky, unpleasant, funky ride. But somehow after its all said & done, or just when I can take a breathe, I thank God for allowing me to live & learn those past moments that seemed like they would last FOREVER. He's not done working on me, I'm sure this isn't the last of a not so fun time in my life. But while I have the chance I want to say thank you. Realistically I already talked to Him (God) about this. But I'm sharing this with you ALL because I want you know that God works in mysterious ways. He truly does blesses his children who are obedient and listens. Being a great listener will get your far in life. And when you can listen to God he truly does reward you. Don't give up!!!

You maybe thinking okay what exactly did He do? I just have this shield of love & happiness all over me. I was never bitter, but I feel better than last week....last month! I still have a lot of work to do, and like I said, while I have this down time, I'm going to take advantage of it. And I am. It hasn't been easy but with Him by my side it makes it 10 times easier.

Another thing. Prayer really works. I literally prayed about something the night before and it happened. I was amazed! He's really showing up & showing out.

Things may not be where I want them to be right now, but they're certainly better today than my past days :)


  1. That's awesome, Ashley! Praying that God grants all of your heart's desires. Thanks for sharing this because I really needed to be reminded that I should be more thankful and prayerful <3


  2. Prayer helps to relieve stress and regain focus. Like you, I've had a very stressful year and faced huge challenges that I never knew existed. Thank you for the great reminder of the power of prayer.

  3. @Dre thank you!
    @Dr. Reginia very true...I have to keep reminding myself that.

  4. You better say it girl! I am a witness too! If you just listen and pray (old folks say watch, fight and pray) he'll do it for you. Excellent post girl! I think I myself needed to be reminded of this as well. Glad things are looking up for you miss lady!

    -Nicole Alicia

  5. @Nicole glad you could take something from this post :)


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