Thursday, August 11, 2011

Working On My Fitness: Where I am today...

So a few people have asked in older posts where am I at now, what work outs am I doing, how's it going...Well the answer is that I stopped working out months ago. I was lazy, & not motivated at all. I'm ready to get back to working out.

The whole eating healthier thing is not an option right now. I have to eat what is purchased for the household AKA I can't be choosey. If you have the funds and resources to do so, go for it.

So, what I'll be doing for the next 2-3 weeks is focusing on my abs & legs. So I'll be doing sit ups & squats. I'll be doing different forms of the two so I don't get bored. I find when I do different workouts it's too much (not tiring, but boring)...I'm the typer of person that likes to work out in a gym.
We'll see how this go. I will be documenting by inches (stomach)....& back side :)

I plan on doing 100+ a day. That means 100 squats, & 100+ sit ups. Doing 100+ sit ups a day is easy for me.  I think I did more in a day when i was really on my grind the beginning of my journey in January. I'll be starting today!

Any of you working out? 


  1. Oh that's great!! I was just thinking about doing the same.. I get so impatient with results though, I can do up to 300 sit ups a day just because of that :/
    I planing to work on the same area too. legs and abs. i have to stay motivated enough to run everyday or at least once every two days.. I'll try and do a diary of my progression..
    Let us know how its going for you!! :)

  2. That would be great!I know at times it could be a task to document. I plan on doing it weekly or when something comes up. I can't wait till Fall so I can go running at the park. I'll keep everyone updated :)

  3. Working out is a must. Squats are difficult for me but crunches are pretty easy. My mid-section needs some work. :(

  4. I agree. The mid-section seems to be the more difficult area for women to lose weight in-in shape. Sucks!

  5. i was working out but i stop :(, im pretty much a in shape person, because i walk alot in general. But since i have my car i wont be doing as much walking except around campus. Im going to start this monday with the 100squats & 100sit ups. I know i wont have a problem with the sit ups but the squats im going to work on it and gradually get up to 100squats

  6. Hey Kiki, how has your work out been?


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