Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Theme Song(2): Ambitious Girl

So, Ms. Dr. Regina from Her Perfect Black Dress inspired me to do my own blog post on what my theme song was...I actually have TWO. Part 1 & 2. Check them out below :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Change Of Plans: Employed...Better Relationship With HIM

I thought I share a little of the good news my way. I am now employed! Yes! God is amazing. I've been praying & meditating about so many things in my life. Just having a better connection with Him has opened my eyes.

The whole school thing didn't work out in my favor, & that's fine because it wasn't a MUST just something to do in the meantime. But I would have also benefited from it as well. Nothing is on the back burner just going forth with certain things first.

God had a different plan for me & that's fine, his way is the best way. We tend to map out & plan things in our lives but when we're thrown for a loop we usually don't accept it. Well, I'm accepting this with open arms & can't wait to see what else he has in store for me.
"Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done"- Philippians 4:6
I deserve all the good that comes my way & much more. I guess having some...yes SOME patience is rewarding. There was a time I thought I wouldn't be able to catch a break. But it's my time to shine & take center stage. That's exactly what I'm doing.

My job...I won't talk about much just for ethical reasons. But, I am working with kids/mentoring. Getting paid to do something that I love. I also get the chance to be creative & learn quit a few things along the way for MY mentoring program for girls. Now that school is back in session, I have a few speaking engagements (HS, & Middle) at my Alma maters. How cool right? So, while I'm handling business I'll be recruiting as well.

All I can do is thank God for every blessing. It had nothing to do with ME. Sigh...I am living proof that if you stick by him & do good, he will bless you. 

Be a blessing to someone & be blessed. But never allow that to be your reason for receiving blessings in return...
"3 But when you give to someone in need, don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. 4 Give your gifts in private, and your Father, who sees everything will reward you"- Matthew 6:3,4
No need to let the whole world what you've done for someone else. Our kindness doesn't go unseen. Still reminding myself that... :)

"Jesus is My Daddy I'm Telling You"....

This was one of my favorite songs by Pharrell Williams AKA my Husband, my sophomore year in college...
Got me through it
Our Father, Which art in heaven
Im so grateful
Of all the beautiful things
That you are allowing me to see
Birds, Bees
The ability to do what I do
The opportunities
I know you love me now
And i think it's time
And my duty, to tell the world (jesus is my daddy im tellin' you, oh)

... don't let me fall
You watch for who im friends with 
I got tattoos, you forgive me
You know im so sensitve 
You know im chased by women
You know mt mind is drivin'
To you my heart is givin'...oowww 

You're the greatest 
You're the greatest (wow wow)
you're the greatest (Jesus is my daddy im telling you) 
Your're the greatest
Don't let me fall

They don't understand
What you do for me (do foe me)
And nothing by my actions
They don't I believe (I believe)
Not talking 'bout what I wear
When i drivin' where i sleep
I mean the ability to hear, feel and sleep

Thank you for my brothers
Thank you for my daddy (daddy) 
Thank you for my mother
So happy that she had me...

I'm tryna teach the kids there's more 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Challenge: Working On My Fitness

Day1-8/11: I did 100 squats & 100 crunches during the evening.
I've noticed that my soda intake is at 2 Pepsi's a day. I think that maybe the reason why my face has been breaking out way too often. And not to mention the different hair oils I use ::sigh::
*From here on out I plan on drink one soda a day. And hopefully one soda every other day. It's just hard when that's a great drink to go with meals....

Day2-8/12: Today I did 100 squats & 150 crunches.
I can say that I did better today. I had 1 1/2 on soda. Sigh, slowly but surely. I definitely didn't drink enough water. There are times when I do really with water intake but lately I haven't been doing that well. 

Day3-8/13: Well today I had 1 1/2 cups of soda... did 100 squats & 130 crunches
Day4-8/16: All I did today was 50 squats. A chick was cramping it up! Lol

Day5-8/17: 100 squats, & 100 side to side cross overs (standing up in the shower) lol. I love working out in the shower. It's a 2-n-1 combo (Sweat & shower)...lol

Day6-8/18: 130 squats & no crunches

Day7-8/19: 110 squats, & 200 crunches

Day8-8/20: 130 crunches
Day10-8/22: 110 squats
Day12-8/24: 200 crunches &  0 squats. Smh, I was so motivated in the beginning *like always* sigh...

I still drink sodas. Not as many. The most 1 1/2 can. That's good considering I was drinking 2-3 a day. I've replaced water with my soda intake when eating meals.

I was suppose to do 1,400 crunches & 1,400 squats in conclusion of this challenge
I did a total of  780 crunches & a total of 800 squats

I'll be doing another challenge but with different exercises incoporated.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Homemade Deep Conditioner [4]

Yes, here I am again sharing another DC (Deep conditioner) concoction with you all. As always, it's no different than the others I've done. Awhile ago, I wrote for Update [7] of my Hair Challenge: Getting back On Track, and that's what I've been doing :)

That week I Co-washed my hair, I did a random DC on my hair.
The following items I used were:
1. Proclaim Natural 7 oil
2. Motions Conditioner
3. Herbal Essence "Hello Hydration"
4. Honey

The next DC concoction I'll post about is the one I've been waiting to share with you all...I'll have pictures & stuff.

Ps. Honey is a great ingredient to mix in your own DC mixes. It makes the hair feel nice & locks in the moisture (Something we need). Also, remember to keep the DC on for as long as you can. Your hair will love you!!! You can also sit under the dryer with a cap on low heat to help as well.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Product Review: Aussie- Hair Insurance *Leave In Conditioner *

This is my first time trying any product by Aussie. And it's definitely not my last. This is one of my "Go to" hair products right now. Its said that this leave in is "Accented with Australian Silk Protein, puts in overtime to keep your hair strong against damage." Reason why this is 1 of my "Go To" products:

Purchased from: Wal Mart
Price: Around $3
Size: 8FL Oz.
-It smells great!
-Moisturizes my hair, but not for the whole day.
-Watery (Which I love)
-Great for mixing with other products/oils
-It's a great size, the product comes out well
{Front view}

{Back view}

{Back view of ingredients}
I use this product often
Most of the time I use it for the scent that it has

Rating 4/5
Have you tried any products by Aussie? & what's the leave in conditioner you're currently using? 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update [13] 2011 Hair Challenge-A New Way To DC

Soo0o0 I've doing some research & checking out quit a few well known Youtuber's & the techniques they use on their natural hair. I've also ran across a few ladies that actually have MY hair texture. I could celebrate!!! It's hard finding Youtuber's that have coarse, thick, dry, at time unmanageable hair. I'll talk about that more in another post & leave the links of the ladies I've come across.

Okay, so yes we know Ashley likes to deep conditioner her hair & make her own concoctions. I am now trying out a new way that I came across:

You basically wet your hair, apply a really good moisturizing conditioner to your hair & leave it on for hours. Yes hours. They say its best to leave it on your hair as long as you can. It cant hurt just help. Plus it makes sense for me to leave it in MY hair for hours because I'm not adding the things (mixing) what my hair loves (Different oils, more than 2 conditioners, & other things). The extra TLC on your hair is important...no matter what hair texture you are or race. Anyways...so yes, what I did was:

-Wet hair (With my water bottle of EVOO, small amount of a cond, & bottle water)
-Took my bottle of oils (I mixed a few oils together) & applied it to my scalp *I'll post that in another blog post as well*
-Apply a conditioner of your choice
-Leave it in for as long as you can
-Rinse it out

I'll definitely be adding this into my routine when I don't feel like mixing things together to make a DC or just don't have the products to mix everything with.
Ps. I need to invest in a good deep conditioner. Any of you know of any that aren't too pricey?

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Quick Hello & Link Love...

I just thought I say Happy Monday beautiful people. I hope you all start your work/school week on a good foot. Speaking of school I'll be meeting with my counselor today. Yes hunni I'm going BACK to school. I told you in my post last "College Graduate...Unemployed...Taking A New Turn!" month I was going to come up with something. I can't NOT do anything. I maybe without a job, but I need to be doing something. I'll probably talk about my schooling in another post...

Anyways link love...thank you for showing me love ladies & for following. Check out the following blogs if you haven't already:

Miss Dre: http://www.soshewritesbymissdre.com/
Dr. Reginia: http://www.herperfectblackdress.com/
Kiki: http://destined2luvkiki.blogspot.com/
Kiah: http://fromthereztothecity.blogspot.com/

Thanks again :)

Daddy [Di] RIP

I wrote this, and posted this April 30th of this year the later took it down for multiple reasons. Now It's back up...Why? Because I'm thinking about him & now seems better than then....
I find myself thinking about my dad A LOT lately. I don't know what to think about this. I've always wondered if you could feel the presence of a deceased loved one or something along those lines.

Random: When I walked across the stage for graduation in Dec. 2010, I was hoping to feel this emotion/presence from my dad. But I didn't. Crazy as it may seem, I was disappointed. (Maybe that's stuff you just see/hear about in movies). 
I don't know if it's because it was a hectic day (losing my college I.D. I had since I was a freshmen there, people were running late, the EX boyfriend was just acting funky). Idk...

Resume: Anyways, he's been heavy on my heart. With everything that has been going on with me lately, I'm not surprised that I miss him so much. I wish he was here to tell me everything is going to be okay, that I'll heal from my heart being broken, that I'll make it in this world, that he's proud of me, to tell me to keep going. Although I was 18yrs old when he passed away, I felt like a 5 yr old. I don't think anyone can be mentally prepared to lose a parent/guardian. I know we all must go, but...Idk...

Would life be such a struggle if he was here? Would he had been the one to buy my first car instead of me? My mom says yes :) (The thought makes me smile inside & out)
Would he have been that overprotective father?  What if...what if? 

Life is way too short. And the fact that I barely had any grandparents around growing up sucked. My kids will never get to meet their grandfather. The man that accepted me for who I was. Didn't deny me, & made time for me. The man that didn't get to see me off to prom, because he was ill...laying on his death bed in his mothers house (& wouldn't have known what was going on because Alzheimer disease does that, but I wouldn't have cared, his presence would have been enough) & passed away from the stupid disease & Lord knows what else. Because I don't know?! 

My grandmother never had a relationship with me, and that was her choice. That's another topic & I think I'll discuss that in another post.

This is the deepest blog post I've ever done...I have to stop now. It's totally ALL over the place. Tears fall as the morning calls, & I don't want anyone to hear me.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm In A Better Place & I Owe It All To HIM

I just want to thank God again. I can never thank him enough. A lot of my readers know that this year has been one rocky, unpleasant, funky ride. But somehow after its all said & done, or just when I can take a breathe, I thank God for allowing me to live & learn those past moments that seemed like they would last FOREVER. He's not done working on me, I'm sure this isn't the last of a not so fun time in my life. But while I have the chance I want to say thank you. Realistically I already talked to Him (God) about this. But I'm sharing this with you ALL because I want you know that God works in mysterious ways. He truly does blesses his children who are obedient and listens. Being a great listener will get your far in life. And when you can listen to God he truly does reward you. Don't give up!!!

You maybe thinking okay what exactly did He do? I just have this shield of love & happiness all over me. I was never bitter, but I feel better than last week....last month! I still have a lot of work to do, and like I said, while I have this down time, I'm going to take advantage of it. And I am. It hasn't been easy but with Him by my side it makes it 10 times easier.

Another thing. Prayer really works. I literally prayed about something the night before and it happened. I was amazed! He's really showing up & showing out.

Things may not be where I want them to be right now, but they're certainly better today than my past days :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Battle of The Hair Gels: ECO Styler Gel Vs. Proclaim Crystal Ice

Here I am with my views, likes, dislikes about the two products I've been using for sometime now (Throughout the years)
The famous ....
ECO Styler Gel:
Just about everyone in the natural hair community has done a review on this.

Price: $2.49 + tax
Purchased: Sally Beauty
-What I like about this: It slicks down my hair with the help of a scarf...
(I usually add water to my hair then apply the gel)
-It does get hard after it's been in your hair for sometime .
For some, it flakes a lot, not for me. Many people use this to define their curls...Do I? No. I just use it to lay down my edges/front part of my hair.
-The scent is fine, nothing to brag about lol.
Would I purchase this next time? Yes. Hopefully I'll get to try the Moroccan Argan Oil gel by Eco Styler.
Rating: 4/5

Now for the....
Proclaim Crystal Gel: 
I did a review on this about a year ago & wasn't pleased with it.
[Excuse the horrible picture, this was taken 2 years ago with a bad camera]
Price: No more than $2-$3
Purchased: Beauty Supply Store
-What I like about this: It's no different than the Eco Styler gel in my opinion. I found myself reaching for this gel Vs. the Eco Styler gel when I choice. When I first started wearing this gel a few years ago, I didn't care too much about. I guess because at the time I wasn't into gels. It does slick done my edges.
-The scent is fine

Now that I like the Proclaim gel I want to purchase it but can't find it. Unless (which more than likely) it has a new look.
I plan on trying to define my curls with the Eco Styler gel when I have the patience because that is one long task!
Rating: 4/5

Do you use gel? What's your favorite brand & why? 
Thanks for checking out my blog :)

PS. The Eco Styler gel is on Sale for $2.99 in the 32oz tub @ Sally Beauty store this month. Great deal!!! The one in the photo is a smaller size.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Working On My Fitness: Where I am today...

So a few people have asked in older posts where am I at now, what work outs am I doing, how's it going...Well the answer is that I stopped working out months ago. I was lazy, & not motivated at all. I'm ready to get back to working out.

The whole eating healthier thing is not an option right now. I have to eat what is purchased for the household AKA I can't be choosey. If you have the funds and resources to do so, go for it.

So, what I'll be doing for the next 2-3 weeks is focusing on my abs & legs. So I'll be doing sit ups & squats. I'll be doing different forms of the two so I don't get bored. I find when I do different workouts it's too much (not tiring, but boring)...I'm the typer of person that likes to work out in a gym.
We'll see how this go. I will be documenting by inches (stomach)....& back side :)

I plan on doing 100+ a day. That means 100 squats, & 100+ sit ups. Doing 100+ sit ups a day is easy for me.  I think I did more in a day when i was really on my grind the beginning of my journey in January. I'll be starting today!

Any of you working out? 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

God Has A Plan For YOU

My patience is wearing so very thin. I'm just like okay Lord....you got me? You got me? Hmmm, you got me? Almost like are we there yet? No! Are we there yet? no....lol

I know He is working on me because I catch myself doing something or habits that I'm trying to cut. It's so hard. When I think I can't handle anymore, I find myself still feeling the same way in the SAME place. I expect that because nothing POSITIVE (Watch how you word things) has changed or popped up. Yes I have a roof over my head, I have my mother still around, a vehicle to get me where I need to go, food, cable, internet...YES I'm so very thankful. But I don't deal well with doing the same freaking thing every freaking day, a sucky routine.

I'm destined for greatness. I really don't think I'll get this "being patient" down pack. I just don't see it. Yes, think positive Ashley, you can do ittttttttt. Blah blah blah lol.

Heard it ALL before *turns Sunshine Anderson on*
I'm ready for MY time, MY turn, MY shine....

Like I said, I'm grateful...God maybe protecting me from something I have no clue about, preparing me for something big, molding me...I don't know...Let us pray.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update [12] 2011 Hair Challenge-The Benefits Of A Good Deep Cond.

By now you should know I LOVE to make my own DC. I just thought I share the benefits of the different deep conditioners (I've made) has had on my hair. You can look back at the posts below, to see those recipes/concoctions I came up with. You can make your own as well. Find what works for your hair & whip it up.
1. Homemade Deep Conditioner [1]
2. Homemade Deep Conditioner [2]
3. Homemade Deep Conditioner [3]

Anywho, back to the REAL reason of this post...The benefits I've had are:

1. They make my curls/waves come back to life. They're more intense & deep/firm.
2. Leaves my hair soft
3. Helps moisturizes my hair
4. My hair looks/feels healthy

Do any of you make your own deep conditioners? If not, why not?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Update [11] 2011 Hair Challenge-August Hair Regime

Here I am...month numero tres (Number 3)! This challenge seems slow, but I'm actually seeing quick results! One being hair growth :)
As it's starting to get hotter here in the desert area in Cali (100s), I plan to switch up my regime for this month. 1 reason being is because of the not so pretty frizz/messy ends I was complaining about HERE in this post. And my hair has been REALLY dry lately.

Although I don't use many different products in my hair, it's time to change how often I shampoo.
This months regime will be:
1. Co-wash once or twice a week
2. Shampoo hair every two weeks
3. Mint spritz my hair throughout the day
4. Oil my scalp every two days (As needed)
7. Continue taking my One a day vitamins
8. Doing a DC (Deep conditioning) the days I shampoo (As needed)

Part 2: Let Go, Let God...

It's 8 something in the morning. I'm somewhat half sleep...Since I got a great response from the first post, there was something I wanted to share with everyone. The other day, I was reading one of the lesson plans on the Bible app I have on my iPhone. It's called YouVersion. I know this app is compatible for iPhone & BlackBerry users. It's free, so check it out! It maybe available for other phones as well.

Back to the post...I was reading Day 140 of the plan which is Life Application. It said:
God's messenger described a time of trial when even wise believers may stumble. This could mean (1) falling into sin, (2) being fearful and losing faith, (3) mistakenly following wrong teaching, or (4) experiencing severe suffering & martyrdom. If we preserve in our faith, any such experience will ONLY refine us and make us stronger. Are you facing trials? Recognize them as opportunities to strengthen your faith. If we remain steadfast in these experiences, we will be stronger in OUR faith & closer to God.
It then gives you a scripture at the end -Daniel 11:35

I knew I had to share this with you all. I also needed to write this down somewhere for myself. It def. moved me. Time & time again I tell myself "Ashley, use this time wisely. Use this time to get closer to God". I mean, the main important part is having a relationship with him, & serving him. It's always great to tell others what He's done for us. I hope this was helpful to someone :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Breakup: You Just Wouldn't Do This To Me....

When Fabolous's mixtape dropped (months ago) one of his songs *Drugs (Do This To Me)* from his tape took me to a different place. You're thinking WHAT?!? Hear me out...
When I needed a good cry about the past (My relationship) I listened to the song below. There were a few songs that made me do this...cry that is. A couple of songs from Jhene's mixtape & this song.

When I say "needed a good cry" it's because I was at a point where I was OVER feeling the way I did about the breakup, and I was basically ALL cried out. But I needed a good cry. Does that make sense?

anyways, although this song is about something completely different (not relationships), the lyrics smoke to ME. I tend to connect & vision songs to fit MY LIFE. Usually how I feel, or maybe what I'm going through at the time. 


So, the lyrics that stuck out to me were...
Consider it a lesson learned
I’m guessing it was just my turn
To learn the hard way
You can’t always trust the ones you love

Oh yeah I think I remember you
Yeah ahhh probably not
You look so familiar too..
But you just wouldn’t do this to me
I know you just wouldn’t do this to me
Not you, I’m sorry, I must have you confused

You got to take the good with the bad
Love what you got, remember what you had
Always forgive but never forget
Learn from mistakes, but never regret

Ain’t gotta act like our paths should had never met
Let’s be happy apart instead of together upset
I got the least out of something I put the most into

You remind me of somebody that I used to know
Me and that other you, weren’t introduced before

I guess she forgot how I used to hold her
The nights she was goin through it
Crying on my shoulder
And did a 360 it’s like she got colder
I’m starting to regret all the things that I showed her
But I’m a rider
She used to be my roller
I guess the general just lost his best soldier
I thought I felt some type of bond and got close to her
She mean to me more
Cuz ya boy a ghost to her

I plan to analyze the lyrics in a different post. I just feel the need to. Maybe it'll help some of these feelings that are left behind. Either way, it'll be therapeutic for me...

1 Year Being Natural....Woot Woot!!!

Yesterday (8/6) marked 1 year being natural!!! It also marked month 3 of being on this hair challenge. As I stated in my 10 months being natural post HERE I had my last relaxer Spring 2010. Doesn't seem that long ago. I wish I knew the EXACT month. Anyways, I'm super happy with the progress I've been making with this challenge.

RANDOM: When I got a weave put in in August, the chick that did it, braided my hair entirely TOO freaking tight! So tight that at the time it left a bump & my hair broke off. Well today, my hair is good as new & as long as my hair. A few months ago it was real short. When I would try to do twists/braids I could never catch it. But now it's back to brand new. That's ONE way I know this hair challenge is working. From transitioning in Dec, to actually going through this hair challenge and chopping my hair off actually makes me happy that I went ahead & did it. As I'm slowly approaching the ending of this challenge (Nov) I'm thinking of doing another hair challenge. By that time, I'm sure my hair will 100% be in its natural state (curly/wavy), and I'll be able to focus on length and retaining it more.

Ps. I do not own the picture in this post. HERE is where I got it from.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Let Go, Let God...

Earlier I tweeted "Feeling free. That's what happens when you let go, & let God" meaning not worrying about a thing & leaving it up to him to deal with. His power & strength is much more stronger than my own. At times I feel defeated. Well many times. For example: Turning in a job application, and not worrying about if you'll get an interview/job. I'm not stressing myself over this part of my life anymore. I haven't been since interview number 2! God has a plan for me...

I just need to remind myself that God is not done working on me & blessing me. All of this is just another test...lesson. Almost like the whole too good to be true before something great happens or appears again. My patience is something that I've been working on for the longest. I may never master that. But I can say I have a better grip on self control. Meaning what I say (watching what I say & to who), how I think (affirmation) & engaging in certain things. Like I've said before, I'm a work in progress.

Thank you Lord for your unconditional love, overwhelming supply of gifts, & for making me ME!  

How To Gain More Readers/What's On My Agenda...

So I thought I share a small tip of what many bloggers tend to want to know. And I've been blogging well over 2 years. 
Ps. I'm celebrating two years of blogging on GlamNoLabelz. Yay me! There are giveaways, fun facts & other cool things going on that way so check that out if you like.

Anyways...So I know many people would like to know how to get more readers...or loyal readers for that matter. Simply just engage in a conversation/respond back to people via comments on your blog, follow other blogs you like & comment on their blog. It's that simple. There's no technique when doing this. Trust me. It does take time, and not everyone that comments will follow your blog, which is fine. 

On to what's on my agenda...I haven't been blogging much (On either blog) so I'll be blogging & scheduling posts, commenting & checking out blogs, reading this new book I checked out last week (Check out My Book Shelf where I've post books I'm reading/read) & doing some cleaning. Great right? Anyways, I hope you all are having a blessed day, enjoy your weekend :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sugardaddy: Don't Call on Him When You WANT Something...

This video was a nice reminder for me. We tend to call on God, and get closer to him when we want something, and things aren't going well(The time of need), but when he makes things happen we slightly disappear. It's funny that the BronzeGoddess01 spoke about this. The reason I say this is because a few weeks ago, I caught myself. Although things aren't where I want them to be, things are better than they were 3 months ago. I stopped meditating, I prayed less...etc. I am very blessed. 
So check out the video below :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Update [10] 2011 Hair Challenge-Frizz Go AWAY!

So0o0o, the ends of my hair is frizzy & bushy. My roots are curly. I'm thinking I need to trim my ends. I haven't done a trim in months. I've dusted my ends (taken off a little hair) every other week. I was going to wait till I was done with this challenge to really trim my ends the proper way, but I wanted to see how much my hair has grown since I've started this challenge. I don't think it'll be accurate once I'm in the last month die to the trimming I've been doing ::shrugs:: oh well!

The reason why I say this is because when I did my "BIG CHOP" in May, I didn't totally cut away all the perm. I did in fact cut like 80%. So that may have something to do with this current issue. I haven't been combing my hair (only when I need to detangle). I've been on top of my regimen game with moisture, deep conditioning, dusting the ends.

I'm going to treat my ends & be more cautious about them. I do try to pay enough attention to my ends as I do to the other parts of my hair. I know we tend to overlook our ends. Or maybe my hair is just like this naturally. I don't know. It's been something that's been bothering me.

Ps. the DC I've been doing has been great on my curls & moisture :) I'll be posting that soon!

Photo from: http://strawberricurls.tumblr.com