Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update [13] 2011 Hair Challenge-A New Way To DC

Soo0o0 I've doing some research & checking out quit a few well known Youtuber's & the techniques they use on their natural hair. I've also ran across a few ladies that actually have MY hair texture. I could celebrate!!! It's hard finding Youtuber's that have coarse, thick, dry, at time unmanageable hair. I'll talk about that more in another post & leave the links of the ladies I've come across.

Okay, so yes we know Ashley likes to deep conditioner her hair & make her own concoctions. I am now trying out a new way that I came across:

You basically wet your hair, apply a really good moisturizing conditioner to your hair & leave it on for hours. Yes hours. They say its best to leave it on your hair as long as you can. It cant hurt just help. Plus it makes sense for me to leave it in MY hair for hours because I'm not adding the things (mixing) what my hair loves (Different oils, more than 2 conditioners, & other things). The extra TLC on your hair is matter what hair texture you are or race. yes, what I did was:

-Wet hair (With my water bottle of EVOO, small amount of a cond, & bottle water)
-Took my bottle of oils (I mixed a few oils together) & applied it to my scalp *I'll post that in another blog post as well*
-Apply a conditioner of your choice
-Leave it in for as long as you can
-Rinse it out

I'll definitely be adding this into my routine when I don't feel like mixing things together to make a DC or just don't have the products to mix everything with.
Ps. I need to invest in a good deep conditioner. Any of you know of any that aren't too pricey?


  1. im on the hunt for a deep conditoner. the ABO Deep Conditioner my hair didnt take to well with it, speaking of ABO i owe you some reiews lol im on it i have a little free time next week so it will be up by next week

  2. Welp, if I come across anything of course I'll post about it. I'll be waiting on those reviews :)


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