Friday, June 29, 2012

A Great Reminder From Joyce Meyer...

The Lord has each of our journeys perfectly planned. We need to fully understand that He loves us, that He is good and righteous and that we can trust Him.

We can trust Him to lead us in the direction that is right for us. We can trust Him to correct us when we stray and guide us back to the right place. We can trust Him with others on our path. We can trust Him with our life, period.

Follow the Holy Spirit's lead, because He knows the way and He will always stay with you. Trust Him to lead you into all the good He planned for your life long before you were ever born. And enjoy the journey.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Joyce Meyer: Complaining Is a Sin!

In Ephesians 4:29, the apostle Paul instructs us not to use any foul or polluting language. At one time, I didn't realize that this included complaining, but I have since learned that murmuring and complaining pollute our lives.

Plain and simple, complaining is a sin! It causes many people a great deal of problems in their lives and destroys the joy of anyone listening. 

We need to ask ourselves, how quick are we to become impatient and begin to complain when stuck in traffic or while waiting in checkout lanes in grocery stores or department stores? How quick are we to spot and point out all the faults of our friends or family members? Do we complain about our job when we should be thanking God we have one?

The best antidote for complaining is thanksgiving. Truly thankful people do not complain. They are too busy being grateful for all the good things they have that they have no time to notice the things they could complain about.

The Bible says that we are to enter God's courts with praise and thanksgiving. You and I need to make it a daily goal to live a life of thanksgiving. Let's be as positive and grateful as possible.

Try going to bed at night pondering everything you have to be thankful for. Let it be the first  thing you do in the morning. Thank God for "little" things or things you might normally take for granted: a parking place, waking up in time for work, a meal, your family...Don't get discouraged when you fail, but din't throw in the towel and quit either. Keep at it until you have developed new habits and you are living with an attitude of gratitude.

Be generous with your gratitude. It will sweeten your relationship with the Lord.

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- Joyce Meyer

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Joyce Meyer: Throwing Fear Outdoors


Many of us can probably remember when we were kids, if we said a bad word, our mama threaten to wash our mouth out with soap. Well, if "fear" is a dirty, four letter word, then faith in God's love is the soap!

I'm not talking about wimpy faith. I'm talking about a powerful faith in God's unconditional, unlimited, unwavering, perfect love for us.

First John 4:18 teaches that understanding God's love for us will deliver us from our fears. Now this doesn't mean we won't ever feel fear, but faith in God and His love will enable us to 'do it afraid' if we have to.

God wants you to know that He is with you. He will lead you and guide you, so you can put your confidence and faith in Him!

Remember, His love is perfect, even when we aren't. He isn't going to love us any more or less because of our mistakes. Isn't it good to know that God loves you right where YOU are? Doesn't that thought just kind of boost your faith and take your fear down a notch?

You and I are going to feel afraid now and then. When we do, we can get our focus back on God and know that He will lead us through any situation we face.

It's the perfect love of God, not perfect us, that casts out fear every single time.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I Came Across on Instagram...

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Joyce Meyer: Letting God's Love Overcome Past Hurt

Early in our marriage, Dave and I had some rough years, and a lot of it was because I needed God to heal me from my past of being abused sexually, emotionally and verbally by my dad. Through a lot of tears and difficult moments of choosing to forgive  instead of getting revenge, God brought me through it, and He's also used my testimony to being healing to the lives of others. When God heals you of past hurt, He not only wants to help you, but He also wants your experience to be a getaway through which others can experience the same healing.

You know, we can all hurt in  a lot of different ways. Loneliness, disappointment, rejection, fear and insecurity all have the ability to hurt us deeply. I couldn't move beyond the hurt from my past until I received and experienced the love of God and allowed Him to turn it all around.

Before you can move beyond your pain and learn to love and forgive others, you have to experience God's love.

When dealing with your past, remember that God loves you deeply. The Bible says that we are only complete when we experience the love of Christ, which is so great you could never fully understand it. As you recieve His love, healing will begin in your heart and you will be made complete with the fullness of His life.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Working on My Fitness: Waist Trimmer Belt

Hello my wonderful people!

I just wanted to share with you all what I've added to my work outs. A month ago I purchased a waist trimmer belt by Gold's Gym at Walmart for $4.97!!! Great deal to me.

What it says it does:
Lose unwanted weight with this easy-to-use Waist Trimmer Belt. The soft,m rubber foam material is comfortable and helps you shed water weight fast. It's adjustable and fits up to a 50-inches waist.

I like it! I have seen a difference in my tummy. I don't use it around "that time of the month" only because I don't exercise during that time.

All in all, I'm satisfied with this purchase & plan on working out with it tonight.

Today is weigh in day & the day I take my measurements. Sigh...let's see how this goes :-/

Joyce Meyer: Change the Way You Think

Have you ever heard the saying "a mind is a terrible thing to waste?" Our minds have so much capacity for good, to learn, create, think and grow, and it's a tragedy when we don't use them to their highest potential.

There was a time in my life when I allowed too many damaging thoughts to enter my mind, negative, tormenting, guilty, unforgiving, shameful and accusing thoughts. The problem was that I had no idea I could control my thoughts or choose which thoughts I focused on and believed in.

I didn't realize that if I was thinking something that wasn't true, I had power to stop. No one ever told me I could win in my mind. Has anyone ever told you? If not, then I'm here today to tell you that you don't have to let your thoughts control you. You can choose to think and focus on God thoughts!

Romans 12:2 says to "let God transform you, by changing the way you think." God wants to help you win the battle in your mind. But what does that look like on practical level?

Here's what has worked countless times for me and what I k now will work for you too: The next time you're wrestling  in your mind, I want you to stop and find something specific that you can thank God for. Tell Him how grateful you are for His goodness and all the rich ways He's blessed your life. As you're diligent to do this, you will see your life begin to change and things will get better and better.

It's my hope and prayer that you will know the power God has given you and that every day in your thoughts, you will walk in the fullness of His love for you!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Joyce Meyer: Be a Mouthpiece for God!

If you can grasp an understanding of the power of the words you speak, it may just change the course of your life! Your mouth is a powerful tool, either for God or for the enemy. In other words, you can either speak positive, uplifting, encouraging things into existence in your life or produce negative, gloomy and discouraging things.

Now, I don't believe any of us want to be a mouthpiece for the devil. But the fact is, the mouth can be used for blessing or destruction, not only in our lives, but also in the lives of others. I've seen it in my own life. There was a time when pretty much everything I said was negative.

I'd much rather be a mouthpiece for God than the enemy. I want to speak His truth and enjoy my life.

First Peter 3:10 says "Let him who wants to enjoy life and see good days...keep his tongue free from evil and his lips from guile." Do you want to enjoy life?  Then use your mouth to speak the things of God into your life!
-Joyce Meyer

You can check out Joyce Meyer & her Bible plans on YouVersion via a smartphone app.

Diary of A Product Junkie: Backtracking

So you may remember me stating a week ago in the blog post The Curly Girl Method that I would be trying out. Well, I gave it a week & it didn't work for me. I don't wear my natural hair OUT often, if at all. I ONLY wear the front part of my hair out (leave out).

Using only water, oils, & gel doesn't work for my hair. After a few days my hair that I never touch & keep in a protective style was super dry. Something I was trying to avoid.
I didn't co-wash my hair everyday it's stated & most do. Overall it didn't work for me now I'm back to plan A.

Plan A:
-Using products that work for my hair
-Co-wash & shampoo my hair as needed

What Are You Going To With Those Products?
I plan on using just about ALL the products I have underneath my cabinet & in my storage drawer.
I've really been fighting the urge to purchase new products. But I did buy a few V05 conditioners for when I started the curly girl method. And I plan on purchasing items that I know work for my hair & stock up when there's sales at Sally's. Love that place.

AfricanExport gave suggestions on what you could do with the products you no longer us or care for in the video....I've named a few below
I never thought about donating used/unused hair products to shelters
Great idea :O)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Reading: Now on Book #2

 I am on a roll! Hopefully I can finish this book within 3 weeks.
I finished Rich Dad Poor Dad
which was a great book & really has me thinking & planning my future differently now.

I know many of you shared books you were reading or ones I should check out.
Any other books I should know about?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Natural Hair: Let Me Try...The Curly Girl Method

So I decided to try something different. I'm all up for a challenge!!!
My reasoning behind starting the curly girl method is that I haven't been on top of things when it comes to my NATURAL hair.
I always wear protective styles. & with me being on break from work for awhile, I've decided to start this.
My hair is in need of moisture. I think that's the reason why my hair hasn't been growing as fast anymore.
I also am rough with my hair when detangling. I get frustrated & just brush away with my Denman brush.
I know it's not good. I do follow ALL of the "rules" when detangling except for the part where you need to take your time detangling. hair LOVES conditioners vs. shampoos 
So I said hey, this would probably work for me.
(& also force me to NOT purchase any new products that I don't need)
I'm a curly/kinky hair girl & I want to step my moisture game up & be more cautious with what I'm putting in & doing to my hair.
I'm staying away from silicone, & sulfate products.
So, below are a few videos of naturals who talk about the curly girl method & things...
Check it out for more details :)

If any of you are natural hair girls, how long have you been natural?
Are you currently doing any challenges?
What are some of your favor conditioners?

Thanks for stopping by!

Natural Hair: Green Tea & Hair Growth. Hmmm

I just ran across this article & thought I would share it...

Although I use green tea on my hair every so often, I didn't think anything of it. Read how green tea can benefit your hair HERE

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tweet: Health Fact

My  body inspiration shared a health fact a few days ago, thought I share it :)

You can also see what work out tips she shares on her site:   

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Good Read...Any Book Suggestions?

Hey my fellow blogger friends. I'm getting close to the school year ending & that means down time & more free time for me! Ever since I started college in 2004, when I came home during the summer, besides relaxing & catching up on sleep, I loved to go to the library & check out books. I love to read. now. Lol

I love to read books that I enjoy. Lately, I've been diving into business related books, as well as inspirational. You can check out my "My Book Shelf" tab to see what I'm currently reading or have read. 

So I'm looking for suggestions. I'm trying to step outside the box. I use to read  a lot of African American love stories from Zane & Kimberla  Lawson-Roby who is one of my favorite authors. Now that I'm branching out into building a brand & a business the books I now read I have consumed me, and have me feeling like it's homework. No bueno...

Anywho, share any type of books that are your favorite & I'll check them out!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sample Size: TRESemme Split Remedy

Yesterday I decided to try out my sample size TRESemme Split Remedy shampoo & conditioner I got for free from Wal Mart that I had to sign up for. I had shared the link with those who have "LIKED" my beauty blog's (GlamNoLabelz) Facebook page . I tend to share a lot information over there. Natural hair, fashion, discounts going on at different stores, how to get in on freebies etc. So if that's something you like, head on over to my Facebook page :)
[It also came with a $1.00 off coupon on their new line]
Anywho, onward...the reason why I decided to use these items the other day is because I decided to straighten my hair (which is natural) & give it a good trim. I noticed my ends are getting tangled. Although I trimmed my ends when it's wet, I want to trim it again for more accuracy.

I'm a big fan of TRESemme. I bought their color treated conditioner a few months ago because I colored my hair I think it was in Nov. Although I was late in purchasing it. I didn't discover until Jan. that it's important to use certain products when you're color treated. So shampoos, conditioners, & reconstructive repair creams, & protein are a MUST. But you need to pay attention to your hair & see what it needs.

I've done more co-washes than shampooing my hair these past month (because that was the regimen that worked for me during that season/months) before it got really hot. So I was shampooing my hair once a month, but co-washing every week. Now, my routine will be changing. I'll be sharing that soon in another post.

I want to see how well these two products work. My hair is really thick, so I may need to shampoo with another shampoo before using the TRESemme products. I don't know yet. I'll indicate all that information below :)

Hair process: Wash Day

-PRE-POO (apply a mixture of oils to my hair for ) you can apply 1, 2 or however many oils to your hair, there's no right way. The pre-poo helps when shampooing because it strips our natural oils away.
-Shampoo (I didn't have to use any other extra product)
-Towel dried my hair & applied a mixture of 2 leave ins I had (there was only a little left in each bottle so I put them in 1) 

Blow Dry

- Applied Hawaiian Silky (which helps with the detangling process 100xs better).
-Blow dried my hair in sections

Get it Straight

-I used a plug in pressing comb instead of my flat iron for the front part of my hair