Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Joyce Meyer: Letting God's Love Overcome Past Hurt

Early in our marriage, Dave and I had some rough years, and a lot of it was because I needed God to heal me from my past of being abused sexually, emotionally and verbally by my dad. Through a lot of tears and difficult moments of choosing to forgive  instead of getting revenge, God brought me through it, and He's also used my testimony to being healing to the lives of others. When God heals you of past hurt, He not only wants to help you, but He also wants your experience to be a getaway through which others can experience the same healing.

You know, we can all hurt in  a lot of different ways. Loneliness, disappointment, rejection, fear and insecurity all have the ability to hurt us deeply. I couldn't move beyond the hurt from my past until I received and experienced the love of God and allowed Him to turn it all around.

Before you can move beyond your pain and learn to love and forgive others, you have to experience God's love.

When dealing with your past, remember that God loves you deeply. The Bible says that we are only complete when we experience the love of Christ, which is so great you could never fully understand it. As you recieve His love, healing will begin in your heart and you will be made complete with the fullness of His life.

You can check out Joyce Meyer & her Bible plans on YouVersion via a smartphone app.


  1. This post just made my realize how small is the problem that I am facing :) Thanks Ash.

    So convicted!

    1. I'm glad you found this as helpful as I did. You're more than welcome :)

  2. God is so powerful and great. Relying on Him to heal me and rule my life is so sweet. xo

    1. Yes He is! I agree with you. I've changed my mindset to that & it feels great!


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