Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Walk With Christ: My Testimony of "Stepping Out & Finding Out"

I have two testimonies to share somewhere down the line. For now I'll share one which seems more appropriate following the snippet of a daily reading by Joyce Meyer's I titled "Stepping Out & Finding Out."

One that manifested and took place was last Fall (2012). I was debating on going back to school. I didn't know what school I should attend, nor did a specific program stuck out to me that was geared toward my career choice or what I wanted to do. 

It's crazy how God works. Because last year (Before this all happened) I connected with a long time friend from grade school who had invited me to her church out of the blue (Which I am now a member of). I put it off once, and finally decided to attend church with her. Mind you, I already had a church home...we actually grew up in the same church but it was time to move onward as we were growing in our relationship with Christ.

Anyways, we connected through that one incident. I found out she was working on her PhD via online. Mind you "As Iron sharpens Iron, so a friend sharpens a friend" -Proverbs 27:17...let that marinate. So, I was like oh wow, online schools (certain ones) must be credible if she's attending one. This girl is always on her P's & Q's when it's about her etc. So just hanging around her, hanging out at Starbucks to just meet up and chat on days she would be studying there kind of pushed me to look further more into attending graduate school.

What stopped me BEFORE was rejection. Being rejected because I didn't graduate with a high GPA or that didn't seem desirable for a grad school. After she and my best friend pushed me to apply, I decided to look into it. Fast forward, I found the school that fit me! I had to go through different procedures to be considered, but guess what?! Within a month span I was signing up for courses and starting my first Qrt!? Look at God!

You want to know HOW I know this was nothing but God? I'm not the best when it comes to academics and comprehending things. I'm just going to put it out there. I've never been a straight A student. Never ever. I was an average (C) student who knew they had potential despite what test scores said. I am now in my 3rd Qrt and I have earned nothing but A's in my classes!!! Can I get an Amen?! 

The fear of being rejected didn't stop me for long because I knew and I prayed on it as I went through the process of going back to school, all the way up to when I got accepted! I said "Let me step out on faith." and I did. I've stressed out a little here in there while being in the program, for the simple fact that my GPA must be at a B or higher. Each Qrt I say "Lord, if it's Your will, it'll happen!" Grades start to pour in and honeyyyyyy I praised Him and still do for getting past each chapter. He hasn't brought me here to leave me. I tell this to others all the time. Even as I share my testimony with others. It was nothing but Him so why would He just leave me to fend for myself? He does what He says He's going to do!!! "Don't be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. he will be with you, He will neither fail you nor abandon you." -Deuteronomy 31:8

Call me crazy! But I have gotten the hang of this "Stepping Out & Finding Out" thing. Wait until I share another testimony that not even my mother thought I would have done. Sometimes you just have to "go against the grain" and obey and listen to Him. Most of the time He's waiting on us to take a step "leap of faith" because He's always near to catch us, support us and LOVE us through it all.

So what do YOU need to Step Out and do? What is something you have been asking and talking to God about? The only way to find out if it's meant to be is to JUST DO IT! Don't allow fear to take over what maybe the blessing or breakthrough you've been waiting for.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Joyce Meyer: Stepping Out & Finding Out...

I found joy in teaching, and it was obvious I was good at it. I knew then that I had found my place in ministry.

Sometimes the only way to discover God's will is to practice what I call "stepping out and finding out." If you have prayed about a situation and don't seem to know what you should do, take a step of faith. Don be afraid of making a mistake. Step out and God will guide you.

Prayer Starter: God, I trust You, and I know that You will direct my steps, so I'm not afraid to step out and find out what You have for me....Amen

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Walk With Christ: Praying For Those That Have Hurt You

This post is in relations to previous posts Joyce Meyer: When Good Things Happen to People Who Have Hurt You and My Walk With Christ: When Good Things Happen to Those Who Have Hurt Us check those two out to get the full picture and purpose of what I shall share here...

Last year when I read Joyce Meyer's daily devotions plan and that reading popped up, I thought wow, how am I going to conquer this task? Different people have hurt me, how am I going to pray for them?, I'm in a better place. I have made progress with the help of Jesus Christ through prayer. What I once thought was something that I couldn't really see myself doing is now something I don't struggle with so much now.

An example of my progress: Then, once I understood the importance of first forgiving others who had hurt me, and then began to pray about it. I started out by making a list of people that hurt me and went down the list and prayed for them as often as I could or whenever I thought about them (good or bad thoughts). When I started having bad thoughts about those individuals praying for them allowed me to move out of that negative energy and it showed. My heart was healing. The pain from the hurt soon evaporated from the mess they left behind. 

Prime example: I broke up with my ex in 2011. It wasn't something I wanted to do, but I knew I had to. I noticed he was going about his business once I broke it off with him, living life like it was golden, free and what seemed to be full of HAPPINESS with someone else. That somewhat hurt me more. So I began to pray for him...for happiness, safety, and different things I knew he was struggling with and needed in his life. Behold, those things I prayed for has manifested in his life. I can now say I'm happy for him. That my friend was NOTHING but God. My obedience to do what I knew He wanted me to do in order to be aligned with who He is was so awesome!

Today I still deal with a different type of hurt from that situation, but at the end of the day I can say with a smile "I'm happy for him!" That is growth. Exactly what Joyce was talking about in that daily reading I posted. I think the hurt that still lives within me is due to the progress I feel like I haven't made in my own personal life. It has nothing to do with him. But that's where patience comes in. I'm learning to become more patience and allow God to work on His own time and to become content but not idle as I wait.

Just because others around you, especially those that have hurt you are being blessed, don't give up on God. He hasn't forgot about you or what you're dealing with. As I say this, I am telling myself this as well. What may seem like something that has manifested for someone else overnight may have taken longer than we know. Your blessing will be exactly that...YOURS. No one can take, block, tamper with what the Almighty God has for His children. I hope this has encouraged someone. I feel so much better sharing this...

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Joyce Meyer: When Good Things Happen to People Who Have Hurt You

Have you ever seen someone receive a blessing from God and felt like they didn't deserve it? Have you seen good things happen to someone who has hurt you?

When a person who offended you gets a blessing, it can grate on you, at least it did for me until I learned how to forgive.

The Bible says that good and bad things happen to both the righteous and the unrighteous. When someone who's hurt you receives a blessing, it makes it even harder to forgive them, but you are still called to pray for them.

I want to encourage you today to bless the people who have hurt you by praying for them, even though you may feel hurt and irritated by them. When you pray for people who have hurt you, it's a choice you make. And forgiveness is based on your decision-not a feeling. But there's healing in that for you.

A forgiving lifestyle helps you become more like Christ. As you learn the importance of forgiveness and begin to pray for blessings for those who have hurt you, your heart will heal from bitterness, and your personal growth will lead you to the blessings God has planned for you.

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My Walk With Christ: When Good Things Happen to Those Who Have Hurt Us

It's hard to grasp why or how great or good things happen to those that have hurt us or others sometimes. But then it's like who am I to judge what someone else is deserving of? I don't know anyone's struggle, and neither do you. At times we feel as though we SEE the full picture of what's going on in someones life, but we only get a glimpse. 

And yes sometimes its hard to wrap your head around "Why my ex seems to be doing so well in his new relationship" or "How did she get that job?" I truly believe in a statement that was below 
As Christians, we need to "operate out of love" as my mentor MiaMck says. We must be willing to give without expecting anything in return. That means that apology you've been waiting for, or for someone to own up to their mistake. We must be able to LET GO of grudges and stop allowing people to live for free with hate, lack of forgiveness, and depression in our lives. We have no room for that. When you're fully focused on your purpose that God has placed you here, you won't be stirred off that path. Distractions do come and go, but don't allow emotions to take over what God is trying to use you for.

This was something that has hit home for me. Later you will read a Daily reading that's from one of Joyce Meyer's daily devotions from the Bible app.