Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Walk With Christ: When Good Things Happen to Those Who Have Hurt Us

It's hard to grasp why or how great or good things happen to those that have hurt us or others sometimes. But then it's like who am I to judge what someone else is deserving of? I don't know anyone's struggle, and neither do you. At times we feel as though we SEE the full picture of what's going on in someones life, but we only get a glimpse. 

And yes sometimes its hard to wrap your head around "Why my ex seems to be doing so well in his new relationship" or "How did she get that job?" I truly believe in a statement that was below 
As Christians, we need to "operate out of love" as my mentor MiaMck says. We must be willing to give without expecting anything in return. That means that apology you've been waiting for, or for someone to own up to their mistake. We must be able to LET GO of grudges and stop allowing people to live for free with hate, lack of forgiveness, and depression in our lives. We have no room for that. When you're fully focused on your purpose that God has placed you here, you won't be stirred off that path. Distractions do come and go, but don't allow emotions to take over what God is trying to use you for.

This was something that has hit home for me. Later you will read a Daily reading that's from one of Joyce Meyer's daily devotions from the Bible app.

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