Monday, May 6, 2013

Working on My Fitness| 26-Days of Squats Challenge

I'm going to keep this short & sweet!
I plan on starting today doing a squat challenge.
I saw where Youtube beauty vlogger Montana Deleon posted a picture on Instagram: @MontanaDeleon of her results of doing squats for 30 days.
The results are in the squats!

I plan on starting out today & ending 4/31
-Each day I will add 5-10 squats on top of the prior day
-Every 3 days I will rest *from doing squats*

Today I did 60 squats which means tomorrow I need to do 65 or 70.
Thursday will be a rest day & so on...get it?
Here's my before....
Ps. I'm 4lbs away from weighing 130!!!
I thought this goal would be enough for me, but I'm not where I want to be.
My stomach needs major work. So I'll be focusing on the ab workouts as well
Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! i love squats! Dont forget to put your weight into the heels of your feet so that you dont mess up your knees :)

    ps congrats on being 4lbs away from 130!!

    1. Thank you, and for the reminder. A year ago I was doing them incorrect & I could tell because my knees began to hurt :-/


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