Saturday, March 16, 2013

Working on My Fitness| My March Challenge-Goals

Hey folks!
I know it's been sometime now. I wanted to update my fitness progress and this month's goals. My goal weight is 150! Once I meet that goal, my main focus is to tone, tone, tone! When I first started my fitness journey in 2011 I was around 163-162. I am now at 157. My weight has been going UP & DOWN lately. I'm becoming quit annoyed so I've put certain goals in place in order to stay on track. I'll name a few below. All in all, 2013 is when I finally reached the 157 mark. During the end of 2011 and the end of 2012 I wasn't as consistent as I am today. It's been hard getting where I am today.
One major difference is how my clothes fit. They are super loose. I'm losing inches in my waist & thighs. That's the main important part of this. I can't get so caught up in what the scale says. Numbers matter when I'm doing measurements. 


March Goals: March 8th-March 30th

- 2-3 cups of green tea 
- raw veggies & fruits
-Juice or smoothies once a day
- workout 4-5days a week (the least 30mins)
- no gym days: 30min workout 
-plank everyday for 30 seconds
- a gallon of water
I can't wait to reap the rewards of being so consistent this month.
I have a few items/things in mind to reward myself...I'll share that in another post.

What are some of your fitness goals?
Have any healthy recipes you would like to share?
Comment below or email me to do a guest post <3


  1. I started working out this March as well. Good Luck!


  2. Hi Ashley-

    First of all I want to say you look amazing to me! Being healthy and trying to loose weight is such a chalenge. Personally I struggle with my caffeine addiction (soda pop and coffee) which is so not good for me at all. My goal for the rest of March is no pop and only water and juices. Consistency is another big struggle of mine. You keep up the good work and I know it will pay off for you!

    -Nicole Alicia


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