Sunday, March 3, 2013

Joyce Meyer: Dealing with Emotions While Grieving

People experiencing tragedy often go through stages of emotional expressions of sobbing & hysteria. These may come & go when least expected. Confusion, disorientation & fear are also common.

Depression & waves of overwhelming feelings are experienced by many. In times like these, I believe it’s wise to look at King David.

The Bible talks of how King David was feeling depressed but he resisted it. He didn’t sink into the pit of despair. He described how he felt, but he made a decision not to live by his feelings. He praised & trusted in God.

Most of us go through emotionally difficult times when tragic loss occurs. Those who are walking in faith come out of it, & they come out of it better than when they went in.

If you are hurting right now due to a loss in your life, I want to tell you that a new beginning is in front of you. Trust & praise God like David did. What Satan intends for your harm, God can turn around for your good!


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