Friday, June 21, 2013

My Walk With Christ: Praying For Those That Have Hurt You

This post is in relations to previous posts Joyce Meyer: When Good Things Happen to People Who Have Hurt You and My Walk With Christ: When Good Things Happen to Those Who Have Hurt Us check those two out to get the full picture and purpose of what I shall share here...

Last year when I read Joyce Meyer's daily devotions plan and that reading popped up, I thought wow, how am I going to conquer this task? Different people have hurt me, how am I going to pray for them?, I'm in a better place. I have made progress with the help of Jesus Christ through prayer. What I once thought was something that I couldn't really see myself doing is now something I don't struggle with so much now.

An example of my progress: Then, once I understood the importance of first forgiving others who had hurt me, and then began to pray about it. I started out by making a list of people that hurt me and went down the list and prayed for them as often as I could or whenever I thought about them (good or bad thoughts). When I started having bad thoughts about those individuals praying for them allowed me to move out of that negative energy and it showed. My heart was healing. The pain from the hurt soon evaporated from the mess they left behind. 

Prime example: I broke up with my ex in 2011. It wasn't something I wanted to do, but I knew I had to. I noticed he was going about his business once I broke it off with him, living life like it was golden, free and what seemed to be full of HAPPINESS with someone else. That somewhat hurt me more. So I began to pray for him...for happiness, safety, and different things I knew he was struggling with and needed in his life. Behold, those things I prayed for has manifested in his life. I can now say I'm happy for him. That my friend was NOTHING but God. My obedience to do what I knew He wanted me to do in order to be aligned with who He is was so awesome!

Today I still deal with a different type of hurt from that situation, but at the end of the day I can say with a smile "I'm happy for him!" That is growth. Exactly what Joyce was talking about in that daily reading I posted. I think the hurt that still lives within me is due to the progress I feel like I haven't made in my own personal life. It has nothing to do with him. But that's where patience comes in. I'm learning to become more patience and allow God to work on His own time and to become content but not idle as I wait.

Just because others around you, especially those that have hurt you are being blessed, don't give up on God. He hasn't forgot about you or what you're dealing with. As I say this, I am telling myself this as well. What may seem like something that has manifested for someone else overnight may have taken longer than we know. Your blessing will be exactly that...YOURS. No one can take, block, tamper with what the Almighty God has for His children. I hope this has encouraged someone. I feel so much better sharing this...

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