Sunday, June 24, 2012

Diary of A Product Junkie: Backtracking

So you may remember me stating a week ago in the blog post The Curly Girl Method that I would be trying out. Well, I gave it a week & it didn't work for me. I don't wear my natural hair OUT often, if at all. I ONLY wear the front part of my hair out (leave out).

Using only water, oils, & gel doesn't work for my hair. After a few days my hair that I never touch & keep in a protective style was super dry. Something I was trying to avoid.
I didn't co-wash my hair everyday it's stated & most do. Overall it didn't work for me now I'm back to plan A.

Plan A:
-Using products that work for my hair
-Co-wash & shampoo my hair as needed

What Are You Going To With Those Products?
I plan on using just about ALL the products I have underneath my cabinet & in my storage drawer.
I've really been fighting the urge to purchase new products. But I did buy a few V05 conditioners for when I started the curly girl method. And I plan on purchasing items that I know work for my hair & stock up when there's sales at Sally's. Love that place.

AfricanExport gave suggestions on what you could do with the products you no longer us or care for in the video....I've named a few below
I never thought about donating used/unused hair products to shelters
Great idea :O)


  1. Swapping or donating is a great idea! What doesn't work for one person's hair make work for someone else's!

    I think I'm gonna do the same with these products that are taking up so much space in my cupboard. I'm a recovering product junkie lol

    1. It sure is. Hey it's always nice to have more space? That's what I'm telling myself lol


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