Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sample Size: TRESemme Split Remedy

Yesterday I decided to try out my sample size TRESemme Split Remedy shampoo & conditioner I got for free from Wal Mart that I had to sign up for. I had shared the link with those who have "LIKED" my beauty blog's (GlamNoLabelz) Facebook page . I tend to share a lot information over there. Natural hair, fashion, discounts going on at different stores, how to get in on freebies etc. So if that's something you like, head on over to my Facebook page :)
[It also came with a $1.00 off coupon on their new line]
Anywho, onward...the reason why I decided to use these items the other day is because I decided to straighten my hair (which is natural) & give it a good trim. I noticed my ends are getting tangled. Although I trimmed my ends when it's wet, I want to trim it again for more accuracy.

I'm a big fan of TRESemme. I bought their color treated conditioner a few months ago because I colored my hair I think it was in Nov. Although I was late in purchasing it. I didn't discover until Jan. that it's important to use certain products when you're color treated. So shampoos, conditioners, & reconstructive repair creams, & protein are a MUST. But you need to pay attention to your hair & see what it needs.

I've done more co-washes than shampooing my hair these past month (because that was the regimen that worked for me during that season/months) before it got really hot. So I was shampooing my hair once a month, but co-washing every week. Now, my routine will be changing. I'll be sharing that soon in another post.

I want to see how well these two products work. My hair is really thick, so I may need to shampoo with another shampoo before using the TRESemme products. I don't know yet. I'll indicate all that information below :)

Hair process: Wash Day

-PRE-POO (apply a mixture of oils to my hair for ) you can apply 1, 2 or however many oils to your hair, there's no right way. The pre-poo helps when shampooing because it strips our natural oils away.
-Shampoo (I didn't have to use any other extra product)
-Towel dried my hair & applied a mixture of 2 leave ins I had (there was only a little left in each bottle so I put them in 1) 

Blow Dry

- Applied Hawaiian Silky (which helps with the detangling process 100xs better).
-Blow dried my hair in sections

Get it Straight

-I used a plug in pressing comb instead of my flat iron for the front part of my hair

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