Saturday, May 26, 2012

Battlefield of The Mind Devotional...

Much of our thinking is habitual. If we regularly think about God & good things, godly thoughts become natural. Thousands of thoughts flow through our minds every day. We may feel we have no control, but we do. Although we don't have to use any effort to think wrong thoughts, we have to use much effort to think good thoughts. As we begin to make changes, we will have to fight a battle.

Our mind is the battlefield, & Satan's primary way of initiating his evil plan for us is through our thoughts. If we feel we have no power over our thoughts, Satan will entrap & defeat us. Instead, we can determine to think in godly ways.

-Joyce Meyer

You can check out Joyce Meyer & her Bible plans on YouVersion via a smartphone app.


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  2. LOVING this post girl! def a gr8 note to share with us!

  3. Smart woman and wholeheartedly agreed. The mind is a powerful thing and you've captured the fact.

  4. You're welcome @Mrs. Pancakes

    Thank you :) @Antalya

    Thank you for checking it out ladies @Kellz& @Ms. C

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