Thursday, May 3, 2012

Return To That Goal, Dream or Vision...

In your life journey, there will be setbacks and possibly even failures. There will certainly be situations that you did not plan for. There were many attempts to the moon before the first successful manned mission of Apollo 11. Do not be influenced or discouraged by your previous failed attempts. The God who has given you the vision will give you victory.

If you have done something wrong that has the potential to jeopardize your mission, repent today. Lay it at the foot of the cross in the presence of God.

Make a decision not to repeat your past mistake. View failure as a learning opportunity rather than a destination or life sentence.

Persistence and determination are two essential ingredients to a successful space mission.

Return to that abandoned goal, dream or vision that is essential to your arrival on the moon. Face it, overcome it and conquer your Ai.

Joshua 7:1-6
Joshua 8:1

No one is perfect...we are humans. Do NOT beat yourself up about past failures. That's life.


  1. "View failure as a learning opportunity rather than a destination or life sentence" -- Those are truly words to live by.

  2. Great blog!!! God is our greatest cheer leader, and no one else wants to see us achieve our dreams like he does!!!

  3. So true. Something I definitely needed to read today. Leaving my troubles at the foot of the altar and praying God gives me the strength to return to the path I abandoned.

  4. That's an awesome quote Judy! Thank you for sharing...

    Amen Cindy, he is thee Almighty...Love Him!

    Awesome Dre. I wish you the best. He has your back :)


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