Friday, August 12, 2011

Battle of The Hair Gels: ECO Styler Gel Vs. Proclaim Crystal Ice

Here I am with my views, likes, dislikes about the two products I've been using for sometime now (Throughout the years)
The famous ....
ECO Styler Gel:
Just about everyone in the natural hair community has done a review on this.

Price: $2.49 + tax
Purchased: Sally Beauty
-What I like about this: It slicks down my hair with the help of a scarf...
(I usually add water to my hair then apply the gel)
-It does get hard after it's been in your hair for sometime .
For some, it flakes a lot, not for me. Many people use this to define their curls...Do I? No. I just use it to lay down my edges/front part of my hair.
-The scent is fine, nothing to brag about lol.
Would I purchase this next time? Yes. Hopefully I'll get to try the Moroccan Argan Oil gel by Eco Styler.
Rating: 4/5

Now for the....
Proclaim Crystal Gel: 
I did a review on this about a year ago & wasn't pleased with it.
[Excuse the horrible picture, this was taken 2 years ago with a bad camera]
Price: No more than $2-$3
Purchased: Beauty Supply Store
-What I like about this: It's no different than the Eco Styler gel in my opinion. I found myself reaching for this gel Vs. the Eco Styler gel when I choice. When I first started wearing this gel a few years ago, I didn't care too much about. I guess because at the time I wasn't into gels. It does slick done my edges.
-The scent is fine

Now that I like the Proclaim gel I want to purchase it but can't find it. Unless (which more than likely) it has a new look.
I plan on trying to define my curls with the Eco Styler gel when I have the patience because that is one long task!
Rating: 4/5

Do you use gel? What's your favorite brand & why? 
Thanks for checking out my blog :)

PS. The Eco Styler gel is on Sale for $2.99 in the 32oz tub @ Sally Beauty store this month. Great deal!!! The one in the photo is a smaller size.


  1. I haven't ever heard of the first gel but I've used the second. If I remember correctly, it flakes just a bit. I prefer the clearer gels. My fav is the Fantasia IC Gel with Sparkelites.

  2. I've seen quit a few ladies saying they use the Fantasia IC Gel. I may have to check it out.

  3. If you try it, get the clear one only. The others are too drying.

  4. My husband is half Puerto Rican and he swears by the 1st gel! He said it never flakes and it holds well! Great review! Thank you for your comment! Kiah

  5. thanks for the review hun!! Im going to try the eco styler gel, i have to stock up on some hair supplies.

    p.s- im working on the review for the hair mayo,ect..

  6. @Dr. R will do thanks!

    @Kiah yes I really like that I like how it works on different textures of hair.

    @Kiki yes, let me know if you like it or not..or a review. Can't wait for that review


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