Monday, July 25, 2011

Random: Thoughts

I'm done counting on people. It's hard to just erase or remove what you're so use to.
People don't reciprocate a lot things these days. I'm so use to being the giver that it's the norm & people seem to think I'm stupid enough to continue to allow it to happen.

I will not be going out of my way to do anything for anyone.
I will not think someone will even think about helping me out, or doing me a favor.
Everyone is so use to wanting, and others doing for them that they think it should always be that way...
How I feel goes for everything in my life right now.
This is my hiatus from being the nice me. I'm just going to be neutral and that's that.
Taking 5 steps back & watch everything in slow motion.


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  3. this is exactly how i feel!!!!! Im not helping out anyone anymore because they always take advantage. My happiness comes before anyone because at the end of the day im sure they will choose their self over me

  4. I feel exactly the same but I decided I would only show that side of me to people who show me the same and those people who earn my trust and respect. I realised I've had a lot of so-called "friends" in the past who were just out for what they could get and decided to cut them loose - because they were taking up room in my life where I could someone or something worthwhile and I really can do bad or by myself lol. I think that a lot of people don't know what friendship is or means - I kind of blame it on society.

    Sorry for my little rant, it's just I can proper relate.

  5. Yup, gotta step back & just provide & make yourself happy @Kiki

    I totally agree with you Nia. People you think you're friends with, and sometimes family take advantage of you & it's sad. I know when to cut people off. Maybe too quick lol, but yea def. can do bad all by myself (As cliche as that is).

  6. Hey Ashley,

    I feel you this is sometimes necessary!

    Just finished having almost this same convo with a friend.

    Sometimes people can take your kindness for a weakness.

    -Nicole Alicia

  7. I'm on the same boat. I don't like relying on people or feeling as if I owe them something.

    - Kimberly


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