Thursday, July 14, 2011

Homemade Deep Conditioner [3]

So, by now...some of you may know I make my own deep conditioners. There's no real reason as to why I do this, I just love coming up with new things & making random recipes for my hair lol. I shampoo, conditioned, deep conditioned & moisturized my hair below is the deep cond. recipe I used.

I've done a few past blogs on deep conditioners I've put together:
Homemade Deep Conditioner [1]
Homemade Deep Conditioner [2]
There's not a big difference as to the ingredients I've used in those posts & this one. I post about these for myself (keep track as to what I'm doing/using) although I do keep a journal. And if someone finds this interesting/helpful good :)

The following items I used were:
1. Proclaim Natural 7 oil
2. Motions Conditioner
3. Herbal Essence "Hello Hydration"
4. Honey
This is what it looks like in my mixing container...
The white product is the Motions Cond.
The blue product is the Herbal Essence H.H.
The yellow products (light, darker) Proclaim oil & EVOO

Deep conditioning your hair after washing your hair is very important. I know it helps softens my hair, & gets it back on track with being moisturized.


  1. i should try making my own dc since im almost out of the one i use. Im so going to try this when i run out of my dc. Thanks for the recipe

  2. Yes you should. It's a little cheaper.


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