Friday, July 15, 2011

Update [8] 2011 Hair Challenge- Protective Hair Styles

Apart of being natural other than not using relaxers, retaining length, & just having healthy hair is the hair styles you're wearing during your journey. Although this is the first time I am mentioning this I have been wearing protective hair styles for awhile now. Even before I was fully natural. My take/definition of a protective hair style is a style where you're no really hands on, and trying to give your hair a rest. The more that hair tools/hands are in your hair the more tension & cause for breakage.

-My favorite protective hair style is wearing a full weave. All that is is getting tracks/extensions put in. I usually get my hair french braided (corn rows) and the hair sewed in. My other favorite protective style is...

-Half wigs. Yes! They are the best things next to wearing a weave to me. I can't do the full wig just because it looks too fake. That's my opinion. Many can pull it off. There's also...

-Two strand twists/braids (with your own hair). I'm not a big fan of these styles by themselves. They make you look like a little kid. I do wear my hair like this underneath my wigs. I usually put a wig cap on where I purchased/mentioned in my SamsBeauty Mini Haul.

-Then there's corn rows/braids where there's hair added to your own hair. I haven't gotten something like this done in like ages. Nothing wrong with them, I myself have grown out of them. And plus those are styles I would get if I'm going on summer vacation somewhere where I'll be swimming.

Is there a protective style you're wearing now?


  1. I have never heard of a half wig. I will have to look this up. Girl I love me some wigs!! I used to help my momma put in and take out her weaves. Back in the day we used to glue hers in and that glue smelled like funky fish!!lol We later found that we like sewn in much better! Yes, it does protect your hair and help it grow. Kiah

  2. two strand twist does make you look younger. I wear my hair like that all the time basically the whole summer because its so hot. But i learn how to work with it & do different styles. Sometime its out & i have on a head band (which makes me look like im 16 lol) other times i have it up in a bun

  3. @Kiah lol @ the glue smell. I hate hair glue. It's just as bad as relaxers. Okay, not that bad, but it's so messy. But a half wig allows you to leave a good portion of your own hair out. It's not a full wig where it covers your whole head.

    @Kiki once my hair gets longer I may enjoy them more. 2-strand them at night & un-twist them in the morning & wear them like that, but other than that I don't like them. Plus the texture of my hair when wearing them makes it look like it's dry when it's not.


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