Thursday, July 14, 2011

Controversy: Products With Mineral Oil & Petroleum

Yes they have spoken!

I know some of you may remember mothers that use to use grease that had the ingredients that the natural hair community shines away from.

I remember my cousins mom would use good ol water & grease to do her hair. And her hair was long. Well since she's used relaxers, her hair isn't as long anymore...Our moms use to use nothing but grease. They didn't have all of these wonderful products. Hmm.

Anyways, like I said before, I use products that work for my hair. And you should too. I use to think I wasn't apart of the natural hair community because I was going against what was said was "bad". I don't care too much about what the product is made with (That could be a good or bad thing). If my hair likes it & can stand it cool...

Check out the's funny & she makes some good points.

But, I do think it is important when you do use these products with "bad" ingredients, to use them to a minimum. What are YOUR thoughts?


  1. Personally I wouldn't use those product with "bad" ingredients because of what I KNOW about them - I did my research and found out mineral and SLS (and many other ingredients like that)were very cheap ingredients made from the distillation of petrol, not only that they could be detrimental to my health... Personally the whole petrol thing was too much for me. Especially when you realise some of these cheap ingredients and used in very expensive products.

    On the other hand I have no problem with silicones - because they make my hair feel really nice, lol but I do have to keep use to a minimum and make sure that I properly cleanse my hair when I use products with them in.

    I say use what you feel comfortable with and not to let your peers dictate what you use but make sure you a little research before you make a decision.

  2. If I had the funds, I think I would use more natural products. But the ingredients don't bother me. Maybe after I've really had time to see if there's changes in my hair growth & retaining the length I'll probably change my current hair routine.

    There's just certain products others can't use.


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