Thursday, July 14, 2011

Update [7] 2011 Hair Challenge- Getting Back On Track

Okay, I've said this before and although I have gotten back on track with taking care of my hair, but I want to really get back into this hair challenge like I was when I started it. Plus, my hair needs the TLC it's been lacking.

How I'm going to do that is...for the rest of this month I must do:
- 2 Deep Cond. a week
-At least one Co-wash per week
-Mint Spritz my hair everyday
-Apply an oil/cream leave in to my protective hair style (braids) everyday

One of the reasons why I'm doing this other than the obvious, is because my journal speaks for itself. There are gaps where I don't do the necessary things to retain the length/moisture in my hair....I do see some progress in my hair. I do still have a little relaxer in my hair (the ends) from the time I did my BC (big chop) in May. I didn't want to rock a tiny fro, so I told myself as I go, I'll trim & dust my ends frequently (which I have) but I do see some great progress :)

Thank you for the well wishes on this journey, I do appreciate it. I'm totally in this alone which is fine. Just hearing from some of you is great. If you're documenting your natural hair journey drop the link below & I'll check you out.


  1. good luck with your natural hair journey, im on a journey of my own & so far its been going good. i been wearing braids outs & buns for the summer time.

    I wash my hair every week (wash, cond,deep cond,protein treatment you know the works) Just try to stay on track with it, i usually wash my hair on sunday or if im busy i will do it one day the next week when im off work. But i notice for the past few weeks i will wash my hair mid-week because im always out on the weekend

    Good luck with everything hun

  2. Thanks. Glad to hear your journey is going well. I wish I could wear a bun, my hair needs time to grow lol.

    What type of Deep cond. do you use?


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