Saturday, July 9, 2011

Update [6] 2011 Hair Challenge- Length Check & Time To Get Straight

So, back in June (the 18th to be exact) I did a length check, straightened my hair & trimmed it (Important if you want to retain your length). I don't use heat on my hair on a regular basis (or any at all). I think the last time that I actually did was in Jan/Feb (not sure). I'm trying to keep track/document my journey the best that I can. But sometimes I get lazy. Writing down every little thing is boring.

Anyways, I've decided that I'll do a length check every two months (3-2 times during my 6 month hair challenge). I guess this makes month #2 on this challenge. I was more into the whole process in the beginning, now it just seems like a lot of work. Oh how fast my excitement has died.

Below are the tools/items that I used at the time to prepare this length check:
I Co-washed my hair (Washed my hair with conditioner).
Applied my Proclaim Natural 7

Tools- Wide tooth comb (Very important), Denman Brush (from Sally's Beauty store), & a small tooth comb (I didn't use this much).
Applied the Olive Oil heat protection serum by Organic Root Stimulator.

Blow dried it on Low-Cool. Trying to stay away from as much heat as I can.

Then flat ironed my hair [Picture not shown]

My hair lasted a week. It may have lasted longer if I wasn't so anxious to wash out that HORRIBLE heat protector on myhair. I swear I hate that product. I'm really going to look into purchasing a new one.
Also...I'm still undecided if I'm going to post pictures of this particular hair journey...

Anywho..if you're natural & have kinky, curly, wavy hair how do you do your length checks? How often?

Talk to you all soon...


  1. i heard a lot about proclaim natural 7 im going to try that. Have you ever try tressemme heat tamer?, if not give it a try i just recently bought it i useed it a few times. I barely use heat on my hair maybe once every few months.

  2. Yes, I love it! That's my 2nd bottle I've purchased.
    I haven't tried that one yet. I was actually looking into trying it next time. Thanks girl.


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