Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Favorite Blogger Is No Longer On My Radar...

So...I'm not going to mention who the individual is because I don't know who know's the person & I'm not trying to make this more than what it needs to be. This is my personal blog, I tend to vent & that's what I'm about to do.

What made this person my favorite blogger? The things that they did for their community (they blogged & tweeted about these things), goals, the type of topics they blogged about.

I started to notice that this particular blogger never checked out others blogs (I don't ever see comments from them) & I've checked out quit a few. This person doesn't get millions of comments on their blog, so it's not like they couldn't take the time out to comment back on others blog. I'm always too nice. I usually comment back on someones blog when they leave a genuine comment & not just to drop off their URL. That mess is so annoying to me. 

I do follow this person on Twitter. This is how I found out about their blog. I noticed they tweet negative things about bloggers that aren't as (Hmmm what's the word) "popular" as her blog. I can't stand this as well. I really do believe bloggers that have some clout aren't genuine.. If there's one out there point them out for me. People let numbers, stats get the best of them. Instead of talking down help one another out. But I don't see that much.

I wanted so bad to say "Honey, your blog is nice but it's not all of that for you be acting the way you do". It's just like the cons outweighed the pros about this individual. I shouldn't feel this way about someone I don't even know. I'm not saying I hate this person, but I honestly am taking the route of not following anything this person does.

Another thing that bothered me...don't post my response that I left on your blog on your twitter page without quoting me. Did you think I wasn't going to see that? The whole blog post/topic of what I commented on seemed controversial in the first place. And my opinion is MY opinion. I didn't say anything negative. And obviously she felt like that...

Anyways...some of these bloggers need to get off of their HIGH horse. And call it what you want, but I can't respect those that think their better than others..I quickly remove myself from it. There's not enough "like" in this world about a persons blog that's going to keep me around to comment/follow when there's barely any dialogue or support in the blogging community. SO because you have 700 followers that speaks for itself?

I don't think so! Ugh ::flips hair:: I'm so through...


  1. Girl this blog world is a trip! 1st of all its very very hard to keep up with every single blog. I am full-time employed, a mother and a wife. It is not easy to keep up but I make it a point even if it takes me a couple of weeks (which it usually doesn't) to go to the blog of each person that has left me a comment and thank them! I can't even count how many blogs I have left comments on that I still haven't heard from and its been months! You are right there are some bloggers that get a bit too big for their britches and think they don't owe anyone the common courtesy of thanking them. Now I'm getting heated! Ughing right with you and I flipped my hair in the opposite direction! lol Kiah

  2. LOL good post Ashley! I think I know exactly who you're speaking of...maybe.I think I follow her too on twitter. She does always talk about other blogger like she's just ALL of that, when in fact her blog isn't I agree with you. So many people out here have blogs I don't understand why we can't all support each other equally and give props when it's due. It's just silly.


  3. @Kiah lmbo! Too funny. I so agree. I don't get as many comments as you do, but yes you do make a point of commenting back & I like that.

    @Nicole Yes! There's enough room for ALL of us. I always go on a mini-rant about supporting one another & promoting, RTing links, & other bloggers seem so uptight. I mean dang. We have enough issues in the corporate world, We don't need it on the WWW.

  4. I'm just amazed by some people's behaviour really(in a negative way unfortunately). to me, blogging is more about interacting with others.. if we were just all waiting for others to read us what would it actually be like?
    Don't let someone jerkness get to you!! :)

  5. @Sauniya yea you're right. It just threw me off. Like what the heck!?!


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