Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm Comfortable Now...

If you can't tell by my past blog posts, I went through a rough breakup. The type of breakup where you thought your FIRST was your only...last day we're going to get married and have pretty babies...I love you so much your family is now my family TYPE love. That all came to an end in Jan...but mentally way before then.

This post isn't to back track on that journey...I'm over it & I'm in a new place.

A place where I'm comfortable where I am at, where I'm headed. So comfortable that I wish him the best, I want him to be happy even if it's not with me. We just weren't meant to be. I mean, what can I say? If you want to know what I mean by ALL of this, please take the time & check out the few past posts I've talked about regarding all of this. Like... Old Post: The breakup...It's over now, Old Post: Falling In Love Again, They do tell a small piece of my life/relationship.

Anyways, I'm in a better place now. I'm very surprised & happy about this. I use to ask my sister (close girlfriend of mine) "When will I get over him?"...Her: "I know how you feel honey, it's hard & it will take time. There's no real answer to that"...she was right about that. She's still dealing with a breakup she had a year ago. I do you get over someone you loved so dearly & saw a future with so easily? It's just not easy. But what I can say now is that I'm at peace with it. No, I'm not totally OVER him. But I think, the biggest part is over with.

I owe all the praise & thanks to God, Because He only knows how difficult & impatient I am.


  1. time & patience will mend a broken heart :) I just went through a breakup in jan also & im finally starting to feel a little bit better about it. Just like you im totally not over him, but i will be someday

  2. I went back to read the two other stories before finishing this one. I am glad you are doing much better. i am sure its only going to get even better :)

  3. I know it hard, but like to others said, it just takes time & patience. I broke up in January (must be something about January) and had a REALLY hard time, because he was NOT the man I thought he was. He's called-Mr. Unavailable. Now, I'm over him (still morning every now and again), but it is time to reflect back to ME and make ME better. This is your time. Reflect and make YOU a better person. I'm trying to.

  4. @Kiki & Vanessa yea what is it about Jan? Did I miss the memo? lol. Time & patience is really the key. I agree with you Vanessa. I'm using this time for me "Down time" is what I'm calling it. I think it's important :)

    @Sauniya thank you for doing that. Yes, it'll def. get better. It has to lol.


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