Monday, February 28, 2011

My Services Aren't For FREE!

So, I've come to conclusion that I'm done doing things for people only to be looked over, forgotten or not paid with respect. Therefore, I'll be charging folks. It seems like when you set rules ABOVE the boundaries, and not expect anything, things run smoothly. 

The free service that I will only give is working in my community (other communities). But as far as helping an upcoming grown person, in whatever it is, I'm charging.

It annoys me when people act like I don't have a life, and I'm here for them 24/7
Last time I checked, I wasn't getting paid for that. & I don't have a job yet? Yes. Ashley is in BUSINESS.

I say this because there have been occurring events with individuals thinking because we're cool or that I should do something for free for them. But what do I get in the ending? NOTHING. I would be a sucker. Just like everyone else is on their grind, so am I. So I'm stopping people in their tracks now.

END Rant...

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