Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 5 - a time you thought about ending your own life (Fridays)

Wow...a touchy subject for me.

Anyone can feel the need to judge someone, but I leave that up to God. You never know what someone maybe going through. I'm not saying because someone maybe going through that it's right, because it's not.

But yes I have. But I'm still here.

My Junior year in HS-Junior year in college were the hardest times in my life.
I lost my father in 2004, right after Prom & right before my graduation..the hardest thing I dealt with.

Throughout my college career, I had to attend at least one funeral a year...imagine that (friend, cousins, great aunts, 2 grandmothers, aunt, and a uncle)...Imagine that...

One person that really made me realize things, was my ex...who is now... (see birthday blog post for explanation) lol, but he had really helped me through many hard times. He's  been there for me through it all. A blessing in disguise he was. He really put things in perspective for me. I thanked God for bringing him into my life.

People really don't know what others maybe going through. Life is hard, so I'm just trying to get by.

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