Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update [2] 2011 Hair Challenge-Concoction: Mint Spritz

Okay. So I said in my last hair challenge update I said & I quote "Update #2 will be geared towards my HAIR goals & the products I'm currently using". Well FAIL!!! I've been busy...okay no. I've been too lazy to really break everything down & post pictures over here. It takes time to upload, & edit photos. But I promise I will share all that with those that care in my next update which I'm hoping for this week. I've made changes in how often I co-wash & wash my hair. So yes, I'll share.

THIS post is about a random concoction I myself made, & it's simple. My mom has mint growing all over our yard like crazy. It grows so quick & nice. But it smells even better! typically people use mint in their teas. Well, I am the QUEEN for making something up. I thought hey, we have all this mint, and although I LOVE tea, I don't always like to add mint in it. So what else can I use it for?

Oh my hair! It's a natural. Why not?  So the pictures below our pictures I took last week of me cooking up this Mint Spritz for my hair. It's simple and easy. & get this, it may do wonders for our natural hair. 

Freshly picked Miny. Rinsed them off with warm water. I only used the leaves.

Put them in a pot of boiling water

This is what it looks like after it's been simmering for 10mins

I covered the pot for 3-5mins

Trying to see if the leaves are simmering in the water well

I strained it, and then put it in a cup

I then later put it in my empty S-Curl activator bottle (Yes I honey I use it to detangle my hair without having to Co-wash my hair. It does wonders. Mop top Maven shared that on her blog).

I use this spritz as my daily moisturizer. It smells bomb.com

So, I did my research (a little), because I know it's good to know some type of facts about the Pros of mint :)
-I read that MINT shampoo helps with growth (I don't know how true that is)
-MINT conditioners are good for our scalp
-You can check out this Citrus & Mint Cooling Hair Conditioner Recipe HERE

I plan to try this recipe out, sometime soon. If you do, LET ME KNOW :)


  1. i think mint does actually help with hair growth.. al the product i have used so far for hair growth had mint substance into them and most of them had a positive effect..
    thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Girl that is so inventive! I bet is smells wonderful and feels cool and nice on your scalp. Bottle that stuff up and sell it BOO!! lol
    Thank you for all of your sweet comments! kiah

  3. @Sauniya I hope it does some justice to my hair lol

    @Kiah Yes it smells refreshing. Lol, If I come up with a great recipe, I just might :)

  4. I must give this a try....funny that I just added mint to my herb garden...gotta wait for those to spruce up more before using.


  5. @Dhalia It shouldn't take that long for them to do so. How exciting :)
    Thanks for commenting


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