Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are Termites Eating Away At YOUR Foundation?

Most houses are built out of wood. Termites (The type I'm referring to) eat away at wood. 
A house made out of wood+Termites=A house that will soon fall a part.
[I do not own the above picture]

Your assumptions are termites. Your relationship is the foundation...the house.
Do you see where I'm going with this example? 
I like to use relationships in my examples as some of my readers may have noticed. I promise you, there's a reason & purpose for me doing so.

Anyways...I know we've ALL done it once in our lifetime. 
We may have assumed something & asked our significant other. 
But the worst part is assuming & allowing it to EAT away at your thoughts.
Where do these assumptions come from?
Lack of communication.
So, if there is LACK of communication from JUMP, why assume...why assume & not ask?
Doesn't make sense right? Not at all...

If I knew everything I know NOW...well yea you get where I'm going.


  1. Hey Ashley,

    I get exactly where you're coming from! So many relationships have been built on the wrong things from the start and end up deteriorating because the foundation wasn't right.

    Assumptions can eat at our concious also. You know what they say about assuming....

    Good post, miss lady.



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