Sunday, May 22, 2011

The BC (Big Chop)

Life without two-three different textures is great!
BUT! That's not how I felt seconds after I seen inches of my hair laying in the sink.

In order for this to be clear I'll doing the whole Q&A throughout this post. 

When did you BC? The day of my hair challenge May 6th

How did you know it was time? I just felt like then was the right time. I wanted this hair challenge to be easy, & successful. So I went ahead and did it. 

Are there still relaxed pieces in your hair? Yes. Less than an inch. I couldn't cut it any shorter. I'm literally rocking the 2 yr old baby Ashley hair. What I mean by that is I was born premature. They had to shave my hair all off to run tests. And however long it took for it to grow back cute & curly is what it looks like today. Of course it's fuller today. 

Is it easier to maintain? Yes. It makes washing my hair much easier. No longer shedding either. 

What tools/process did you use to cut it? I used regular scissors which aren't good on your hair. Especially everyday use scissors. But I didn't care. But before I cut it. I shampooed my hair then cut it myself. You want to make sure your hair is wet and true to it's length so you know where to cut the relaxed ends. And even then it can be tricky. 

I think that's it. I've watched quit a few YT videos and read quit a few blogs about the BC before doing it. So, I had an idea what I was getting into. 

I plan to do a post on the tools and products I use on my hair as well. 

Overall. I have no regrets. Technically I was transitioning for 6 months and that seemed long. My hair has been doing well. I'm glad I have a BC partner, all I need is someone to hop on this hair challenge with me :)


  1. Do you have any pictures of your big chop? Before and after?

  2. Yea I took a few. I'm still debating on if I want to post them up here.


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