Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Old Post: I'm Going To Need A Strong Support System

So0o0 when I started this blog, I was transferring old post from my beauty blog GlamNoLabelz to here because those didn't fit the topics I cover over there. So, I brought them here. This was posted 12/31/10. This will give a little more information about me, & challenges I started. It's written in the past tense to my readers over there. But you get the idea.

So, I come to share something cool with you all. I have so many things lined up for myself for the year of 2011. I feel like I've been doing work non-stop since I've graduated on Dec. 11th. But I can say what I have in store for myself is much more FUN then studying lol.

1. I'll be participating in a natural hair challenge with Mop Top Maven. I'll basically be keeping track of my hair regimen and continue to keep my hair moisturized and wearing protective styles that my hair will benefit from. Overall, keeping my hair healthy and allowing it to grow better and stronger. {I STARTED THIS CHALLENGE MAY, 2011}

2. I'm participating in a fitness challenge as well. Super stoked about this. MissJia (one of my fave bloggers) is putting on this challenge. It's not a strict challenge at all. She has made a forum  called http://www.fiercefitfab.com/ where we can encourage one another, and share tips, recipes and other great things on our journey. {I AM NO LONGER PARTICIPATING IN THIS CHALLENGE/MESSAGE BOARD. I STAY ABOARD JAN-MARCH}.

3. I finally have time to put towards my nonprofit organization. I've been wanting to have my own program/organization for sometime now, and 2011is the time & deadline for me to get the wheels rolling. I'm still working out the details, but I'll be mentoring middle-high school girls in my community in Southern California. I've already reached out to one young lady that attends the same church as I do, and have been keeping in contact & recently met with one another one-on-one. I also have a blog for my nonprofit journey http://www.mentoringyounggirls.blogspot.com/ (This isn't the official name for it).
The other step that I've taken is printing networking cards (from VistaPrint) to hand out to parents and others that could help me spread the word about my organization. 

4. Accomplishing these goals, along with others that I'm working on for my VISION BOARD :)

Overall, I'm going to need support for this long, but rewarding journey. I'm thinking about putting together a contact list of individuals that want & need support for certain things & wouldn't mind having someone by their side and will keep in contact with one another. I've noticed many of us have few things going...Like Kerissa-In a PhD program, Alex-Mamavation/Obtaining her BA, and Kinah-Mentoring the youth in her community. That's just to name a few & those that I have/having the pleasure in getting to know.

Thank you for the love & support. I am extending my arms to you all if you're in need of a support system. Sometimes doing it alone, and being your own cheerleader does indeed get lonely. Or maybe you just need that little PUSH. 

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