Friday, May 27, 2011

Working On Your Fitness?

Hey familyyyy. I've been meaning to post this a few months ago when I was working on my fitness REAL tough. I got this from a message board I was apart of.


Weigh Yourself: 6:30am or when you wake up in the morning. Thats when you are lighter.

-Exercise: After you weigh yourself
-Eat Breakfast: 7:30am or within an hour of waking up
-Eat Lunch: 12 noon or 4 hours after you eat breakfast
-Eat Dinner: 6:30 pm or no LESS than 3 hours before going to bed
-Boost Metabolism: 8am. Drink a glass of ICE COLD WATER. It forces you to burn calories to warm the water up in your body

Grocery Shopping: 10am. You're still full from breakfast and blood sugar levels are stable

Take Fiber Supplement: 6:15pm. Before you eat dinner

VIDEO 1: ... eight-pt-1
VIDEO 2: ... eight-pt-2
VIDEO 3: ... eight-pt-3


  1. Thanks for sharing. i was just writing a post on healthy habits.
    I barely respect any of these :s.. I really have to start applying them though..

    How is the work on your fitness going btw? All the best with it!! :)

  2. It's tough. Change is not easy. I've had a few slip ups here & there. I actually started back working out yesterday. I'll have to post about that too. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Hey Ashley how is the diet going? These are some good tips.

  4. @Vanessa I'm actually doing something different now. More so focused on working out. The dieting fell through due to certain circumstances. I think I'll update about that. Thanks!


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