Monday, May 23, 2011

The Power Of Intuition

One of my followers on Twitter posted the link to this video last night, and I wanted to share it with you all.
I wanted to really critique the message behind the video, but I'm too tired to write & think.

But I will say...I know what it feels like thinking "my boyfriend is up to something"...well "I think he's doing this, so I'm going to do this in return". So childish. I don't know what it's like to receive news like that (in video) from a significant other. But I do know that we tend to let our mind roam in places that aren't really there. We sometimes think too deep about a situation. Make it bigger than what it really is. Acting on things that can hurt & damage relationships.

Some of us suffer the consequences. But I rather not take that road at all. No matter what it maybe. With that being said. Check out the video, leave your thoughts. I'm open for a discussion about the video or anything similar to what I've mentioned in this post.


  1. Wow this video was powerful! And it describes so passionately how some go about exacting revenge for "perceived" and imagined infidelities in relationships. There are huge communication problems in this relationship as well as the one you talked about from twitter. The ending was very sad though. I wonder how many times things like this have happened in our society. It reminds me of that movie "One Week." Have you seen that? What are your thoughts on the video?

  2. That was a coo video. I like how it showed both sides of the story. The whole cheating thing is horrible! So many people end up getting stuff, getting pregnant all because of one night of emotion which usually turns into regret. Both Men and Women should think their actions thru before jumping in bed and ruining what may be a good relationship with there significant other.

  3. @Miss Dre I haven't seen the movie "One Week" I'll have to check that out.

    My thoughts on the video is that I can relate to it. When that "woman intuition" kicks in whether it's right or wrong, there's always that feeling we get at times when something doesn't seem right. Acting on how one feels isn't the best way to handle a situation. Like you said, there's a problem with communication in this relationship, and I agree. Quit a few relationships are like that. We start to vision the negative (& things that aren't there), and it eats us inside, and causes a bigger issue, or it goes from nothing to something.
    Many people seek revenge off of emotions & not facts. Although I don't believe revenge is the route anyone should take but it happens.
    This is one of the few REAL videos I've seen.

    @Nicole I agree. One sad part is that the they had the condom but never used it. People get too caught up & comfortable when it comes to sex, & who their having it with.

  4. That was really deep. I think revenge is just so wrong.. Two wrongs really don't make it right. Everything done out of anger is always regretted. The end was just so sad..
    I've never been in a situation where I thought someone was cheating on me or had any kind of suspicions but I think I would have handled it differently, try and talk to the guy maybe..

  5. Lovely message--two wrongs don't makes things right!


  6. @Sauniya I totally agree
    @Stella I agree..thanks for commenting


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