Saturday, May 28, 2011

Random: You know a lot about me...but who are YOU? [Part 2]

Sauniya suggested that I answer the questions I posted. So here we go :)

1. From what you've read about me through my posts so far, what do we have in common IF anything? From what I can remember from those that have responded in the comment box of the original post HERE starting with destined2luvkiki we were both born premature, we have a small group of friends, we contribute in some sort of way to the March of Dimes. What I have in common with  lil miss Sauniya' is that we are both on this natural hair journey, we're both trying to get fit, not good at swimming anymore. Now on to FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" we both love Beyonce, Fashion (although I'm nowhere a fashionISTA like her), sweet. Lastly,  Luminous JL we are both recent grads, we're both looking for a job, & we're both natural.

2. What's the link to your personal blog? I have three blogs. The links are to the right --->

3. What's your relationship status? I am single & not ready to mingle. Not even for a second. Lol

4. How did you find out about my blog? Going down the comment list HERE on how I found out about YOUR blogs. I I found everyones blog through either a comment they left on my blog, someone elses blog. I found  FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" blog through a comment she left on Prissy's blog.

5. Why did you start blogging? My first blog was the GlamNoLabelz, which was originally GlamChicWithUs. I started it with two friends, that fell through, added a few ladies, they fell through. Lol, so I was up in the air about continuing the blog. I did, changed the name & bam, it's doing well. Overall just to have a voice & share my interests. My second blog is my Mentoring blog Profit With a Purpose which is fairly new. Mentoring young girls in my area (ages 11-18). I have so many plans & ideas for it. Can't wait till it actually happens. Lastly this blog. I was scared to start it & actually vent about ME to people that maybe lurking, and strangers. But I have no regrets & I could care less :)


  1. I like your answers! Great post idea.

    -Nicole Alicia


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