Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yesterdays Blessings!

I just wanted to post something really quickly before going to bed.

Before I went to bed the other day, I said my prayers like I always try to do before going to bed. I woke up yesterday afternoon to two blessings! God is so good. I didn't even worry about how it was going to work out or anything. Just prayed about it and went to sleep. He asked my mother to wake me up and I received my blessings. 
One that I would like to share was that someone contacted me about signing their child up through my mentoring program. 

I am so thankful!!! I think it's great when others can share what God has done for them. I will now write (not type) in my personal journal and prepare for later today.

What blessings have you shared with others?

God bless...


  1. thats awesome!!! God is great and i love your posts!

  2. PRAISE GOD Ashley! What a wonderful blessing. I know the Lord will use you in a mighty way in that child's life!


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