Thursday, March 17, 2011

Positive Affirmation Challenge

I've decided late last night (Tuesday) that once a week I'm going to focus on repeating something positive about myself many times throughout the day or when I think about it. For example "I'm a loving person". It's almost in relations to the whole "Practice makes perfect", but instead if you repeat positive things about yourself.

When you repeat whatever it is you're trying to enforce, it makes you think about it. You have to believe in YOU to allow this to work.

As I'm going through different things, I find that this could be helpful. So this week I'm focusing on one thing, then I'll switch it up next Tuesday. It'll be helpful to write down whatever it is you're focusing on.

This not only allows you to learn about yourself, but love yourself for who you are and not for who you may portray, or would like to be.

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