Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today is the official day that Lent starts. It is said you can start whenever, but I feel comfortable starting the day of. I've been contemplating on participating because this is said to be more of a Catholic tradition than Christian. I did my research and it seems as if Christians do it as well.

Anyways, there is a purpose for me doing this and it's to get closer to God. So I have chosen this challenge. A few things I have given up are:

 Social network sites, & worrying. And in place of those things I'm reading my bible more & praying throughout this process, and giving more attention towards my up&coming mentoring program/nonprofit.

I wasn't going to share this because fasting is something that is suppose to be kept between you & God. But maybe by me sharing this will give someone an insight of this. 

I plan to go for the full 40 days. I pray that I make it till then.

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