Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Homemade Deep Conditioner [1]

I've been meaning to document the deep conditioner I made a week or so ago, but I've been busy.

As I'm getting to know my natural hair, trying different products that work for me, I've been experimenting with a few items around my house. This could be good & bad.

The items that I used were:
2. Honey
3. Garneir Fructis conditioner
4. Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer 
5. Blended Aloe Vera (took the actual plan, used the inside *clear part* & blended it with a little water in the blender)

I added the Aphogee because the right amount of PH is needed for our hair. I didn't measure it in anyway. 
I used a fork to mix all of the ingredients in a small bowl, then placed the mix in a old honey bottle I use for other homemade conditioners I make.

I like it. It actually helped my hair out. It was looking messy & unhealthy before.

Next, I'm going to try something similar to what KimmayTube does for her leave in conditioner. I don't have all of the items, so I will be substituting. You can check out her Youtube on how to make her leave in.

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