Saturday, March 19, 2011

RIP To Many Relationships

I titled this "RIP To Many Relationships" because this is what I dedicate it to....relationships 
"If God gave it to you, you don't have to cry...". Amen to that sistah. 
I remember when I asked God to show me signs and he did, but I went back to see if it would work & it didn't and in the ending I was left with nothing. I'm teaching myself to be obedient, because I am hard headed at times, and I just need to what? Let go, & let God.
I'm a work in progress...what can I say?

"I figured what I was praying for & fighting for just wasn't for me anymore".

Check out BronzeGoddess01 video: Basic Math/Sweatless Victory


  1. This is the third time I'm posting a comment, for some reason it is not going through... On another note, I love your blog and admire your spirituality. I just subscribed to Bronze Goddess on yt right before you posted this! A big coincidence:) Keep it up and as usual let go and let God.

  2. Thank you for commenting! I'm glad you like my blog. I was hoping my words & my experiences would help someone out there.
    Bronze Goddess is so sweet!

    Thank you Luminous.


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