Friday, August 3, 2012

Working On My Fitness: Top High Fiber & Fat Burning Foods...

I mean, I owe it to myself. I've had my share of times...days...years! Where all I ate (or had to eat) was junk food, things that made me sluggish & made me gain those freshmen 15 (or 15+ lbs my college career).
Although when our new gym was built I was in there more than I attended parties my last two years of college..

I'm super serious about eating healthier. I can't & won't say I'll eat healthy ALL the time. That's pushing it. But with change, things take time. So anyways...I came across these tips & useful information on Instagram.

Thought I shared it here & have it as a bookmark for myself later down the line.
Knows of any healthy delicious meals I should try out?


  1. i'll definitely be eating off of that fat burning list. Good Luck with the eating healthy! it was definitely too hard for me; I just chose to portion lol.

    1. Thank you! It is hard. I still eat the same but portion control (as you mentioned) but more healthier foods & choices :)


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