Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Joyce Meyer: Love Everyone Differently

The Bible says that we are fearfully & wonderfully made. God spent time & exercised His creativity with each of us, so it would stand to reason that He didn't create us all exactly the same, wouldn't it?

Unfortunately, we Christians sometimes try to love others as if they are all the same.

You'll find that not all people need the same thing from you. One of your children, for example, may need more of your personal time than another does. One friend may need more encouragement on a regular basis than another. Some people just need different forms of love.

Respecting individual rights is also very important. Selfish people expect everyone to be like they are, but love respects the difference in people. If God had wanted all of us to be alike, He would not have given each of us a different set of fingerprints. I believe that fact alone proves we are created equal but different.

We all have different gifts & talents, different likes & dislikes, different goals in life & different motivations. A loving person respects & encourages the differences in others.

MAN! This reading plan really hit home for me....
When you think you're self-less something is REALLY masking your selfishness

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