Friday, August 10, 2012

Joyce Meyer: Sickness Isn't Only Physical!

The Bible teaches that Jesus came to heal our wounds, to bind up & heal our broken hearts, & to give us beauty instead of ashes & the oil of joy instead of mourning (See Isaiah 61: 1-3).

Many Christians read this scripture & know that God wants to heal us from physical & spiritual sickness, but there's more to it than that. The truth is that our emotions are part of our makeup & they can become sick like any other part of us.

The world today is full of people who are suffering from emotional pain. The causes is often abuse, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, disappointment, judgement, criticism or other negative behavior by others. This emotional pain can be more devastating than physical pain because people feel that they have to hide it & pretend it isn't real.

If you have an emotional wound in your life, you need to know that Jesus wants to heal you. Don't make the mistake of thinking He is interested only in your spiritual & physical life. Take your wounds to Him. Jesus wants to heal you everywhere you hurt!

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