Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Joyce Meyer: You Are Never Alone

Grief & loneliness are major problems facing people today. The two often go together because many Christians & unbelievers grieve over being lonely. In my ministry, an increasing number of people request prayer for loneliness.

God's Word tells us plainly that we are not alone. He wants to deliver, comfort & heal us. But when you encounter painful losses in your life, you can lose sight of this simple truth.

Satan wants you to believe you are alone. He wants you to believe you that no one understands how you feel, but his claims are false. In addiction to God being with you, many believers understand what you are experiencing mentally & emotionally.

You are not alone now nor will you ever be, no matter what confronts you.

You may not understand much when you are hurting & the pain of loss is ripping through your soul, but know & hold on to this one truth: God loves you, & He has a future for you. Hope in Him & trust Him to turn your mourning into joy (see Isaiah 6:1 1-3).


  1. Wow. There's power in this message. I have to pass this on to someone close to me who I know should definitely read this.

    Sincerely Daja

    1. It is. When I read it,it spoke volumes to me. I'm glad there's someone that can get something out this message :)


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