Saturday, August 18, 2012

Joyce Meyer: Learn To Wait...

People often ask me, 'How can I know for sure whether I'm hearing from God or just making things up?'

I believe the answer is to learn to wait. With big decisions, we often feel the need to hurry. We must do something & do it right now! But godly wisdom tells us to wait until we have a clear picture of what we are to do & when we are to do it.

We all need to develop the capacity to take a step back & view every situation from God's perspective. Only then can we make decisions the way He wants us to.

Strength, is found in waiting. When you wait upon the Lord, you can sense in your spirit what the Lord actually wants you to do, not what you think He wants you to do.

When you are faced with any difficult decision, it wise to wait until you have a clear answer before taking a step you may regret. It might feel uncomfortable & you may want to hurry, but don't allow that pressure to take precedence over the wisdom & knowledge of God.


  1. Wow this has always been my biggest thought ('How can I know for sure whether I'm hearing from God or just making things up?'). Sometimes I feel as if I'm not hearing but instead am choosing to THINK I'm hearing Him based on what I see and experience. I've learned that majority of the time He's speaking me THROUGH the bad. Whereas before I only "heard" Him during the good. It's opened my eyes, and ears, a lot.

    1. I'm glad you could get something from this. I felt the same way too.

  2. I think I just fell in love with your blog. I just discovered Joyce Meyer in the last few months, and she is really inspiring. Your posts are great.

    ♥ With Love,
    Tisha Jade of

    1. Awww thanks! I appreciate it. Yes, she is an awesome woman.


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