Monday, October 3, 2011

What's Bothering Me About Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Okay, I have to make this post quick...I'm getting ready for work. But this has been on mind for a week now. As some of you know I'm on Twitter. A few days before October approached I noticed quit a few females started to change their avatars (Profile picture). To what you asked? Them either in a bra or pink bra. If you've been living under a ROCK, PINK is the signature color for Breast Cancer Awareness (Not just the month).

Okay....Next, I've noticed many different iPhone users (Guys & Girls) Retweeting: Support Breast Cancer Awareness month...Or RT if you support Breast Cancer Awareness Month & followed by pink ribbons.

I hate the fact that people are using tweets to get more followers/recognition because of something so POPULAR & devastating that changes millions lives & twisting it into something that it's not.
This also goes for SOME of the females that are posting themselves in a bra (Usually you can't see their face just their chest) and sexualizing something so serious. It bothers me.

Not too long ago I saw this tweet AGAIN. So I asked people on my timeline (On Twitter). "What are you doing to support  breast cancer awareness? Besides RTing tweets? Are you actually educating others? Are you donating your time & $$?" Of course I haven't gotten a response...yet. Then I said "Some people follow because it's whats happening NOW. You can support BCA year round. Just saying"

Is the Communication Scholar in me coming out & I'm just over analyzing this? I'm sure I'm not...Someone out there has to feel me. Let me know your thoughts? I take things like this seriously...I know way too many people that have passed away from cancer/Breast Cancer so maybe this is just a sensitive subject for me...idk. Chime in!


  1. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Not to say there is something wrong with tweeting about a cause you support. But there is something wrong if you're only doing it for personal gain. It's one thing to participate in this "Twitter Advocacy" but what matters is the work you put in fighting for the cause.

    Thanks for stating this, Ash! True words, girl.

  2. Thank you for mentioning that Dre..I forgot to state that "Not to say there is something wrong with tweeting about a cause you support" agree! Thank you for your feedback.


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