Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[1] Alheimer's Disease Awareness: Our Stories

So I mentioned that the first series (Which you can check out HERE) of this...project I suppose was going to be from a close friend of mine. Below is her story....

It was a cold spring of 1999 when my grandfather marched his last battles with Alzheimer Disease. Along with age and other health conditions, he recieved help from love ones such as my grandmother in the warmeth of his Texas home, then in the squares of a convalescent home and finally retired Earth at Levelland Medical Center. 
I still remember his wandering eyes as if they were those of a child the same age as I was. And the continuous tears of my mother, his only daughter whom he constantly referred to as his already deceased sister...
  Momma would cry all day and seek comfort in her mother. She'd repeat herself "My daddy doesn't know who I am.. Why has he forgotten me"... Soon after praying for healing and restoration, our family realized that my grandfather had already left us, spiritually. We're just holding on to his shell. That's how it seems most of the time when someone you love has Alzheimer Disease. It feels like each day snatches a piece of them away from you.. That's why its so important to learn more about the disease such as early detection, treatment and even coping tips.


I REALLY appreciate her sharing her story with me & you all. I can relate to her mother...& I'm sure others can as well. It's really hard to describe. But I'll try my best to share my story...details.


  1. Alzheimer's is such a terrible disease...thank you for sharing the story!

  2. It really is...thank you for reading it :)


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