Friday, October 14, 2011

Update [14] 2011 Hair Challenge- Have I Fallen Off?

Okay, if you've been following me & my hair journey here, you maybe wondering where has the updates on my 6 months hair challenge been? Well I've been semi busy with work & projects, and when I do have a little time to update I'm lazy. I'm still going strong though! I'm still on the road to healthier, & which seems to be curlyer (Nope, not a word) hair. 

I was suppose to have BEEN posted a blog post about the different products that my hair loves!!! Haven't even gotten around to posting it. Shame on me right? Yes, I know. I'm really going to try my best to push out as many helpful, updated blog posts about my hair before this challenge ends.

Speaking of....I am currently in my 5th month which means next month I will be done (Nov. 6th). If you're into natural hair, check out my challenge/journey (links will be below). No I haven't posted pictures of my hair here. I was undecided, and as you can probably tell, I won't be really doing that. But I do have a picture or two of how curly/coil my hair is. It's stupid hard to detangle. I really don't see a point in detangling my hair because it just curls back in the position it was defeated -_-

Links: to my hair journey:
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Thanks for the encouraging words, & comments regarding my natural hair posts :)

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