Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mentoring Young Girls: Do You Give Back?

So yes, I'm a step closer to making what was an idea Spring 2011, a step in January 2011, & currently a process. My friend/ex-roomie from college are working hard to spread the word about MY Girls (Mentoring Young Girls Program). We're hoping to become a nonprofit very soon. So keep us in your prayers for that. We'll be having our 1st Holiday Drive in December & we're super excitied about that!

The mentoring program is for girls in my area Southern Cali/I.E. ages 11-18. We offer 1-on-1 mentor, Big sister-little sister mentoring, Tutoring, workshops, college prep workshops...etc. Check out the website & LIKE us on facebook. Even if you're not in our area/state. You may can help with something later down the line.

This is my baby...something I've been dreaming about awhile now...when I was in college, but heavy on the brain Spring 2011 when I went to go speak at my Alma mater (HS) AVID class. The  power of giving back, having our youth look up to you & to have a positive outlet to be themselves & get the help they may need is an AWESOME feeling.

There's so many ways you can give back in your community; donate clothes to a church (Clothes closet), tutor, volunteer at a school, become a mentor, feed the homeless. I could go on. I've found my purpose & spreading the word, & taking action by helping others. You can too!

I also would like to thank Kimberly over at FWB for designing our layout for MY Girls. She did a FAB job. Hit her up if you ever need a banner, button, layout etc :)


  1. This is AMAZING!! You go girl!!! The young girls need us and I think what you are doing is great! keep up the great work. Sending lots of love and blessings your way for your organization!!!

  2. Thank you so so much!
    I hope I can make a difference in a girls life...

  3. go ash!!!! im very proud of you and yes young girls do need us. Keep up the great work (i always wanted to mentor for big brother/ big sister im looking into that as we speak

    but back to you yes good job hun that is very great and yes even tho you are in cali and im in new jersey across the country frm you if you ever need any help with anything you know how to get in contact with me :)

  4. what you are doing is so cool :) You seem very determined too! I am too going to start mentoring here in AZ ! Good luck!!

    xo- Yessie

  5. Thank you SO much kiki. I'll definitely keep you in mind :)

    @Yessie I am VERY determined...thank you. I wish you well & hope to hear about it in the near future :)


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