Friday, October 14, 2011

Raising Awareness: What's Your Story-Alzheimer's Disease

Hey Folks!
Dre AKA So She Writes (My blogging buddy) blogged about showing love & support for different causes that cater to those that might be/have suffered from a disease, illness...

I did a blog post on my beauty blog GlamNoLabelz for NOTD: Alzherimer's Awareness Month Go Purple (Which was last month). Anywho, me & Dre share quit a few things in common, and one of those being that we've lost our fathers from a confusing, selfish, cold hearted disease.

I'm putting together a small segment here (Which will be more personal) where bloggers who have felt the raft from this disease. Whether it was your father, mother, aunt, uncle, grandmother, friend, etc. I would love to hear your story. I'm asking those that are willing to participate to:
1. Let me know you're interested in this. Simply leave a comment below or email me.
2. Make a blog post about your experience. You don't have to go into deep details if you don't want to. 
3. Post the blog post on your blog. If you don't have a blog, you could email me your story with your name or if you would rather to remain anonymous.
4. Once you've posted your story into a blog post, please let me know. Via twitter, comment here, or email. I want to check these out!
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The whole point of this is to raise awareness, come together, & support one another. The first story that I will be posting here soon is from my close friend. The 2nd story should be from me...Stay strong :)


  1. oh so sorry about your lost.. i think it would be a great idea for people to share their story.. might helps letting it out..
    you already made a good point on the awareness,, coming together and support. :)

    1. Thank you for the nice comment...


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