Saturday, October 29, 2011

Update [16] 2011 Hair Challenge-Lets Get This Straight

So it may seem like this is my second time straightening my hair, when in fact this is my  3rd time during this Hair Challenge...
[above are the tools i typically use when straightening my hair]

Why am I straightening my hair so much?
Because I'm trying to loosen my curl pattern. I kid you NOT! My hair is so difficult to this process will help, plus I don't wear my hair naturally curly. So, it won't hurt nor harm the hair styles I wear.
Am I worried about heat damaged? 

But I don't plan on using heat on my hair THAT often. Once I straighten my hair for the week, I don't go back & flat iron it again.

-Wash/Detangle/Condition my hair
-Oil scalp
-apply a little of the Argan Oil
-Then the TRESemme heat tamer spray
-Blow Dry

Conair PRO Infiniti
-Flat iron

My hair challenge will be over next week :)
I hope this process doesn't hinder my healthy hair :-/


  1. you got the heat tamer, doesnt it smell so good? lol

  2. Yes! I love it so much I wish I could drench my hair in not a good idea I know.


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